Bluff Springs Church of God in Neshoba Co, Mississippi is pictured above.  The church will forever remain a part of my memory.  The 50's era wedding of Marcus Gordon and Polly Matthews was held in that beautiful stone structure, featuring my younger sister as the flower girl.  Each step down the aisle found her looking back to Mother for instructions on when to drop the flower petals.  "Now, Mama, Now?", was the whispered question that accompanied every step.  My sister is now approaching her senior years.  That moment in time is long passed.  But the church remains the same, walking forward into the future on a straight, clear path.


Good Hope Church - Neshoba Co, MS
Greenland Baptist Church  -  Newton Co, MS
Kempsville Amish-Mennonite Church  -  Virginia Beach, VA
Linwood Baptist Church - Neshoba Co, MS
Mt Sinai Baptist Church - Neshoba Co, MS (Est. 1838)
Neshoba (New Hope) Baptist Church Records - Neshoba Co, MS (Est 1877)
Philadelphia Church - Neshoba Co, MS

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