Mt. Sinai Baptist Church

Neshoba County, Mississippi

Established November 10, 1838

"Mt. Sinai Baptist Church was located off Hwy 21, a few miles from the Neshoba County Fair Grounds. The church disbanded in the 1940's, and the building is gone. There is still a cemetery near where the church was.  This was the second Baptist Church established in Neshoba County, Mississippi."  Dawn Driskell


Early Membership List

"Baptisms" by Rev. F. M. Breland

"Pay" Received by Rev. F M Breland

 Church Records

Early Membership List

Transcribed from Microfilm copy of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church Minutes, Book I
by Dawn Driskell

1. Temple Tullos

2. Sarah Tullos, his wife

3. William Tullos

4. Belinda Tullos, his wife

5. Joseph Canady

6. Maryann Canady

7. Henry T. Greer

8. Elizabeth Greer

9. Sarah Merchant

10. Isaac Merchant

11. Margaret Johnson

12. Barbary Merchant- dismissed by letter

13. Mary Barrett

14. Moses, a servant - dismissed by letter

15. Letty, his wife - dismissed by letter

16. Patsy Hendric - dead

17. Hariet Percy - dismissed by letter

18. Matthew Wilkerson - dismissed by letter

19. Elizabeth Wilkerson (now Burns) - dismissed by letter

20. Washington Johnson

21. William I. Ward

22. Prudence P. Ward

23. Arthur Barrett - dismissed by letter

24. Bryant Merchant

25. Elias Wilkerson

26. Franky Wilkerson - excommunicated

27. Sarah Barham

28. Elizabeth Wilkerson

29. Susan Johnson

30. Jane Murphy

31. Madison Murphy - dismissed

32. William Wilkerson

33. Molly Wilkerson

34. Simon W. Parker

35. Mary Merchant

36. Joseph Merchant

37. William F. Johnson

38. Elizabeth McCaskle

39. Anne Lewis Merchant

40. Mary Ann D. Merchant

41. Adelaide Fox

42. Frances Green

43. William Wilson

44. Mary Wilson

45. Shadrack Jones

46. Mary Wilkerson

47. Mary McCaully

48. Mary Greer

49. Adeline Parker

50. John McCullough

51. Nancy McCullough

52. William Murrell

53. Margaret Allen

54. Nancy Crowder - excluded

55. Martha Tullos

56. James Harrell - dismissed by letter

Baptisms by Rev. F. M. Breland

Transcribed by Carol from Rev. F M Breland Journal courtesy of Dawn Driskell

For 1898

Queenie Lewis

August 23, 1901

Wm Harrison Ada Sikes C. Johnson
Hugh Mason Alma Lewis Norman Johnson
A F Trapp Neva Herrington Henry Mathews
Tom Shepherd Mattie Sikes

August 24, 1905

Fox Lewis Andrew Webb Claud Wells
William Vance

August 23, 1899

Moody Lewis
Brooks Jackson Linnie Herrington Chas. Lewis
Nannie Cooper Linnie Hays

July 24, 1902

Vira Webb   Raford Shepherd

Pay Received From Church Members by Rev. F. M. Breland

October 24, 1897

October 17, 1898

December 17, 1899

Harvey Cooper B F Lewis B F Lewis

August 1899

J G Walton J G Walton
A F Trapp By Public Collection John Wells
Albt Ingram U R Harrison

February 6, 1900

January 7, 1900

J M Cooper Harvey Cooper
Minnie Milling John Wells

June 16, 1900

January 21, 1900

February 2, 1900

N M Fox
Public Collection J T Lewis


April 6, 1900

April 15, 1900

N M Fox
T R Fulton - 1 bu corn W L McNair R T Trapp



J G Walton
J G Walton N M Fox M J Harrison
John Wells N M Fox Raford Shepherd
R T Trapp N M Fox Public Collection
Public Collection A F Trapp Norman Johnson
N E Herrington Public Collection J H Wells
B F Lewis J G Walton N E H - Peas
N M Fox J H Wells N M Fox
N E Herrington - I bu peas Miss Maggie Graham N M Fox
A F Trapp

April 1899

J H Wells
N E Herrington N M Fox R T Trapp
Public Collection Ollie Stroud  
John Wells    

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