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Before Its Too Late To Cross The Road....

What a surprise it is to realize that what one is today is so strongly influenced by those who came before.  Have you ever looked at a picture taken 50 years before you were born and seen your own face staring back?  My resemblance to great-grandmother Amelia is so strong that one of our employees remarked, "Carol's family tree must not have any branches."

 Please join me for a look at our family... and possibly your own.  Carol's House is filled with pictures and information concerning individuals whose walk on this earth should never be lost to time.  Most are ordinary people just like you or I.

Explore the people, places, and times that have made us what we are.   I would request any assistance you might be able to provide in the way of family information, stories, and/or pictures.   Little details such as those make the dates, names and places transform into a real person.

Once upon a time, my great-grandfather Anel's house stood across the busy highway from my grandfather's field.  How I begged to be allowed to explore its mysteries.  But  not once did I disobey my Mother's orders not to cross the road.  That vacant old house filled with family treasures is now gone.  And its too late to cross the road.

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