Linwood Church

Neshoba County, MS

Directions:  From Hwy 15 at the Hwy 492 intersection (Spanky’s) in Union. Proceed north 3.3 miles. There will be a large sign that reads Camp Dixon followed by a smaller one that reads Neshoba. Turn left on Road 325.   Drive through the Neshoba Community until you reach the Linwood Community.  The cemetery is on the right hand side of the road behind Linwood Baptist Church.  It is not easy to spot from the road.  There will be a small store on the opposite side of the road.

Directions from I-20 to the Hwy 15 & Hwy 492 (Spanky’s) intersection in Union: Coming from the East (Meridian): Exit at Hickory. Turn right on Hwy 503. Proceed 7.6 miles to Hwy 15. Turn right. Proceed 9.6 miles to the above intersection. Coming from the West (Jackson): Exit at Newton on Hwy 15. Proceed North. The intersection will be in about 16 miles.

Linwood Cemetery sits behind Linwood Baptist Church.  The community is north of the Neshoba Community on the road that was once the main highway to Philadelphia, before the new Highway 15 bypass was built.  Many of the families buried in Linwood Cemetery are closely related to those families buried at Neshoba Cemetery.  Sitting directly across the road from the church and cemetery is a store, which has been the focal point of the Linwood Community for as long as I have been living.  Linwood School, which stood near the church is now only a memory.


"Baptisms" by Rev. F. M. Breland

Transcribed by Carol from Rev. F M Breland Journal courtesy of Dawn Driskell


August 9, 1901

September 3, 190(3?)

W. L. McNair Lamar Nicholson Jim Lundy
H. H. Lundy Drus Conn George Luncy
W H Dunn Julia Philips Walter McCullor
Jim Alday Sallie Nicholson J. Hugh Nicholson
W N Smith Birtie Webb Nannie Lundy
Janie Nicholson Mollie Mason Lizzie Lundy
Lizzie Coats   Linie Stephens
Bettie Webb    
Rosa Dearing    

Pay Received From Church Members by Rev. F M Breland

Transcribed by Carol from Rev. F M Breland Journal courtesy of Dawn Driskell




A M Nicholson W H Church George Rucker
U H church A M Nicholson B A Mason


J A Nicholson U H Church
W H Church Madison Nicholson A M Nicholson
A M Nicholson & Family N A Dunn Others
George Rucker



Will Dunn Geo Rucker Cash
Jas Nicholson W H Church Geo Rucker-126 bundles of fodder
Jim Nicholson Mrs. W H Church Tom Nicholson
H H Lundy Jos. Nicholson W H Church
B A Mason J M Nicholson H H Lundy
Warren Mason A M Nicholson - Syrup B D Mason
Bob Philips


Mrs. Lucy Watkins


By Church - Cash A M Nicholson-10 gal. molasses
Geo. Rucker Geo. Lundy
W H Church Jos. Nicholson Sr.
Mrs. Church H H Lundy

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