In great deeds something abides;
On great fields something stays.
Forms change and pass;
Bodies disappear but spirits linger,
To consecrate ground
For the vision place of the soul.
And reverent men and women from afar,
And generations that know us not
And that we know not of...
Shall ponder and to dream....
And the power of the vision
Shall pass into their souls

Col Joshua Chamberlain - October 3, 1886

Cowpens  -  The American Revolution
Fort Norfolk  -  War of 1812
Great Bridge - The American Revolution
Yorktown - The American Revolution


In Loving Memory of

Robert Worrell Mills, U. S. Army, HQ Btry 325AAA, S/L Battalion
World War II

John Winfield McBeath, U.S. Army Air Force Airborne Engineer Aviation Co
World War II

Frank Anderson Crenshaw, World War I

Edmund Chisman Goodwin, Adjutant, Trueheart's Division
Chamberlayne's Company, Hanover Co, VA Militia
War of 1812

Neil McMillan, Capt. John Nicholson's Company, Bladen Co, NC Militia
War of 1812

Humphrey J. Scroggin, Capt. Leonard Worthy's Company, Georgia Volunteers
War of 1812

Alexander Watson, Colonel, Brunswick Co, VA Militia
The American Revolution

James Jones, Adjutant, Hertford Co, NC Militia
The American Revolution

Increase Daniels, Minute Man, 3rd Mendon, MA Company
The American Revolution

Enoch Russell, Private, Caroline Co, VA Militia
The American Revolution

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