Behold a random list of some of my favorite things. Please note that I have no pecuniary interest in any of the products and companies. They only represent my recommendations to you.


The 58 Deli Diner, located at Loehmann's Plaza in Virginia Beach.  The diner's management bill it as the "Taste of New York with a little New Jersey".  You must try the corned beef on rye sandwich first.  Its absolutely to die for!  The meat is tender and tasty to absolute perfection.  Prices are a la New York City.  But its well worth every penny. 

King's Barbeque, located at 2910 South Crater Road in Petersburg, VA is amazing!  Once you have eaten at King's you will most certainly be convinced that no one prepares a barbeque sandwich that compares.  The bun tastes home baked and is a thin tasty concoction that is as detectible as the perfectly prepared barbeque it holds.  

Old Chickahominy House in Williamsburg, VA.  When Beth recommended this restaurant I had no concept of how wonderful it would be.  Miss Melinda's Special is "to die for!"  It begins with pear/pineapple salad with cheese & mayo on lettuce (straight from my Mississippi past).  The first course was followed by the main affair, which consisted of two Virginia ham biscuits and Brunswick stew.  The biscuits were delicately thin, adding to, rather than detracting from the flavor of the ham.  The main course was followed by a homemade dessert choice.  At Beth's suggestion we tried the chocolate pie, which turned out to be another vestige from my Mississippi past.  I'm anxiously awaiting a return visit.

B. Smith's Restaurant,  Long Wharf & Bay Street in Sag Harbor, NY.  An exceptional menu with each item prepared to perfection.  Service is superb and the view, whether seated inside or out, is spectacular.  They serve the best Cosmopolitan this connoisseur has ever sipped.   

Lynnhaven Oysters.  After being closed for decades due to pollution, Lynnhaven River oyster beds were opened for harvesting in November 2007.  There is nothing to compare to a Lynnhaven oyster.  The succulent mollusks are huge - many times the size of their poor relatives.  The mild, smooth taste is something that should only be savored raw, with a touch of cocktail sauce or horseradish.  For a number of months after harvesting began, the oysters were extremely pricy.   They can now be "had" at a more reasonable cost at some restaurants.  If you ask your waiter for Lynnhaven Oysters and he tries to convince you to try a different variety, decline the offer. 

Soy Dream French Vanilla Non Dairy Frozen Dessert by Imagine FoodsThis yummy soy product tastes much better than either Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt!  Its almost impossible to stop without finishing the entire container.  Soy Dream can be found locally at Farm Fresh in the Natural Foods section.

Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea with Ginseng & Honey.  This prepared tea tastes very similar to "Mississippi Sweet Tea" and has ZERO calories.  It can be found in the dairy section of most grocery stores.

Heavenly Desserts Meringues by D-Liteful Baking Company.  It is really hard to snack on this sugar & fat free delight without finishing the entire box.  But at 40 calories per 10 cookies, one can eat the entire box and only consume 120 calories.  They are absolutely fabulous!

Supreme Bean - Dark Roast - Fine Grind 100% Colombian Coffee by Kirkland Signature.  Costco's own Kirkland brand coffee is by far the best this coffee lover has tasted.  I will buy nothing else.

Soy Slender Soymilk.  This delightful drink comes in either Chocolate, Vanilla or Cappuccino flavors and can be found in the Health Food section of most grocery stores.  It has only 70 calories per cup with 1 gram net carbs.  It is sweetened with Splenda, Low Fat, and extremely tasty.

Polaner Sugar Free Preserves.   What a great way addition this tasty topping makes to unbuttered wheat toast for breakfast!  The product can be found in Raspberry & Strawberry at Costco and additional flavors, including my favorite Blackberry, at local grocery stores.  The grocery store version is a smaller size.  But all are flavored with Splenda and offer an amazing 10 calories per tablespoons.  Dieters unite!!!

St. Clair Potato Salad.  This is an amazingly tasty potato salad.  It takes the dish from boring to sublime.  Purchased in a 5 lb. tub at Sam's Club, it is an NOT a diet item.  The Memphis, TN company offers a 170 calorie per 1/2 cup product with 7 grams of fat.  But, what the heck, you only live once!

Madhouse Munchies Sea Salted & Vinegar Kettle Cooked Potato Chips.  This super potato chip really has a fabulous vinegar kick.  The product has been available for the past several years in a 18oz package at Sam's Club.  On my last visit to Sam's the super chips were not to be found.

Honey Oat Natural Whole Grain Bread by Pepperidge Farm: This product takes bread from the realm of the ordinary to the spectacular. Breakfast consists of two slices (without butter) with a boiled egg home laid by Chuck's chickens.

Naked Food-Juice Vanilla Soy Shake - Yum!!! I first discovered this healthy goodie in the market on the corner of 8th Ave. and 48th Street in Midtown, New York City.  A determined quest to obtain my favorite Naked Food-Juice flavor  locally has finally met with success.  Vanilla Soy Shake can be found in the produce section at Harris Teeters & Kroger.  Green Machine is almost as good as Vanilla Soy Shake.  (2006:  I can't find this product anymore in Hampton Roads.  Has it been discontinued?)

Ginger Dressing by TonTon:  This bottled all-natural product (purchased locally at Harris Teeters) has 40 calories per serving and tastes just like the salad dressing served at Japanese restaurants.

Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil Vermicelli Pasta by Near East. Found locally at Harris Teeters this easy, quick side dish is Pasta at its best. The box describes the product as "Vermicelli Pasta with a delicate olive oil sauce with roasted garlic, red bell peppers and Parmesan cheese."

The "Skinny Cow" Low Fat Ice Cream Sandwiches by Silhouette.  These 130 calorie 20 calories from fat concoctions are must tastier than the real thing.  The only problem is, because they are only 4 oz. each, your body yearns for three at a time.  If you become addicted they can be purchased in a Club Pack (16 sandwiches) at Sam's Club.  Better buy more than one box at a time......  They go fast!

Premium Caramel Swirl Sandwiches by Healthy Choice.  These unbelievably tasty Ice Cream sandwiches feature Low Fat Vanilla Ice Cream with a Caramel Swirl between Vanilla Wafers.  Each Sandwich contains 140 calories and 3g fat.  They are available at most grocery stores.  Costco had a 16 sandwich box available during the latter part of 2003.  I was very disappointed to find that product missing from the shelf in mid-January 2004.

Cooking Light Magazine - This magazine is filled with goodies that will inspire you to experiment with new products and create new culinary experiences. Steve has threatened to burn my copies and cancel the subscription.

Pomodori's Pizzeria (Cincinnati, OH) - Never has a better pizza been created! I heartily recommend the personal 9 inch with cheese, pepperoni & artichoke hearts. How I will miss dining there!

Skyline Chili (Cincinnati, OH) - You've never lived until you've sampled Cincinnati Chili.

Urinetown, The Musical - Possibly the most creative and entertaining Musical Theater production I have ever experienced. The witty, sarcastic satire of its industry combines humor and an intelligent thought provoking presentation of "What if?"

Batboy - It was a sad day for Musical Theater when 9/11 caused the untimely death of some NYC theatrical productions. The Off-Broadway run of Batboy was the most disappointing for me. The production was an evening of non-stop entertainment that cannot often be duplicated! If a Regional Theater opportunity is presented don't miss it.

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