Abney Cemetery

Newton Co, MS

The cemetery is located west of the Town of Union, MS, on the South side of Highway 492.

The condition of Walton/Boler/Miller family tombstones at Abney Cemetery puts family researchers in a precarious position.  Original tombstones have been replaced with new ones.  The only remaining original stone is that of Eliza Walton Boler (wife of Wesley Boler).  It is broken into two pieces.   The new tombstones have been engraved with someone's family research, which in several cases is faulty data.  This information has, of course, been included in the Newton County Cemetery Book.  The publisher of that book had no way to know that the information transcribed from the tombstone was not correct.  Therefore researchers viewing the Cemetery Book, who don't know that the stones are not original, are incorporating incorrect data into their family records.  The new tombstones at Abney can probably be explained by documents in the Walton family file at the Philadelphia/Neshoba County (MS) Library.  A page entitled "The Waltons of Neshoba County" includes the following information:  "The oldest records we have are those gathered by Mrs. Will Walton.  She states that in 1959 she visited the New Ireland Cemetery (Abney) 3 miles west of Union, Mississippi on Highway N. 15 (should be 492) and stated, "I visited the grave and the brick vault had crumbled and broom sage was growing out of the concrete vault.  No wording was visible (On the marker of John Walton born Sept. 15, 1777 in South Carolina, died May 5, 1850).  His wife Sara McMillin (born 1784 in South Carolina died Nov. 1, 1862 (84 years) is buried beside him."

This writer was only a child in 1959 and never visited the cemetery that early.  It was obviously in a state of disrepair that has now been corrected.  At the time of the cemetery repair there was obviously only a replacement of the Boler / Walton / Miller / Kimball family stones.  I have not been able to find any other family in the cemetery who has replacement stones.  The Wesley Boler replacement stone indicates that it is in memory of Walter Boler.  As I include the picture of each stone I will indicate which include inaccurate information.  An interesting side note concerning the  homemade replacement markers for Sarah McMillan, Nancy Miller Boler, and Susan Miller (see pictures below), sheds doubt on the accuracy of their placement.  There are identical replacement markers at Abney Cemetery for Kimball family members who are actually buried (with original tombstones) in Bogg Chisolm Cemetery.

The cemetery itself sits on a grassy knoll overlooking some of the most gorgeous green pasture land I have ever seen.  The surrounding fields are currently owned by the Tillman family.   On our last photographic trip to Abney we noticed that a few of the gorgeous cows in the surrounding fields were watching us.  Gradually more cows raised their heads until the entire pasture was filled with cattle watching our every move.  As one they began to move to the fence surrounding the cemetery.  Our entire photographic adventure was then observed by the herd as they stood surrounding the cemetery on three sides.  Cemetery Photographed March 23, 2005.


Wesley Boler

Born June 6, 1797

Died November 15, 1882

To prove that the information transcribed on Wesley Boler's tombstone is incorrect, one has only to check the 1870 & 1880 Mississippi census, which show him to be quite alive during that time period.  The dates I have shown under his name above are his birth and death dates from his own family Bible.  This author has done a tremendous amount of research on the Wesley Boler family and is in possession of a large number of original records including deeds, land grants, etc.  Never once have I seen the name William Wesley Boler used.  The only other place I have ever seen this name used is in a family record submitted to the IGI by a descendant who was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints.  Since I have found absolutely no support for the name inscribed on the replacement tombstone, I continue to use only the name Wesley Boler in my records.  Detailed information regarding Wesley Boler and his ancestry can be found by visiting the Boler Family History and  Boler's Inn sections of this Web Site.

1820 US Census Cherokee Nation Lands, AL
1830 US Census Hinds Co, MS p. 196
1834 Sold Land in Hinds Co, MS
1834-1835 Purchased Land in Neshoba Co, MS
1838 Personal Tax Rolls Newton Co, MS (Wesley Boller) 1 White Poll, 3 Slaves, $2.25
1840 US Census Newton Co, MS p. 138
1841 Newton Co, MS State Census
1845 Newton Co, MS State Census
1850 US Census Newton Co, MS p. 189, #495-495
1860 US Census Newton Co, MS, Union Post Office, #674-689
1870 US Census Neshoba Co, MS, p. 148 #1104
1880 US Census Newton Co, MS, Beat 3, #339-326, p. 38, Supv. Dist. 2, ED 87

Eliza Boler

Died January 23, 1868

Eliza Walton was a daughter of John Walton and Sarah McMillian.  She married Wesley Boler Christmas Eve 1823 in Clarke Co, AL  Eliza (Walton) Boler's tombstone is the only original tombstone remaining for this family group.  It is broken in two pieces just at the date indicating when she died.  At the time of this picture (1998) the broken top piece was lying against the grave.  The dates have become almost unreadable. 

John Walton

September 15, 1777

May 5, 1850

Although the years of birth are correct on the replacement tombstone for John Walton, the parentage shown is incorrect.  George Walton & Martha Hughes did have a son named John Walton.  But his identity has been documented. He was not our  John Walton, born in South Carolina.

1816 Mississippi Territory Census, Clarke Co, AL
1830 US Census, Clarke Co, AL
1833, Resided in Hinds Co, MS
1838 Sold Property in Hinds Co, MS 18 October 1838
1850 US Census, Neshoba Co, MS #467-487

Sarah McMillian

Wife of John Walton

1778 - 1862

(Note:  The only document I have found to validate the birth date for Sarah McMillian Walton is the 1850 Neshoba Co, MS census.  Her age, on that census, is extremely hard to decipher.  I continue to look for her location on the 1860 census.)

Norfleet Staton

March 25, 1831

October 16, 1876

Elizabeth Boler Staton

May 15, 1840

April 22, 1912

Norfleet Staton, son of Ennis Staton of Anson Co, NC, married Wesley Boler and Eliza Walton's daughter Elizabeth February 19, 1856 in Newton Co, MS.   In 1856 his new father-in-law hired him to build the two story white house in Union, MS that became known as Boler's Inn. 

There are two markers at Norfleet Staton's grave, including the Confederate marker pictures shown below right.  Elizabeth is buried nearby.  Both are in the northwest section of the cemetery, nearest the highway.

1860 Neshoba Co, MS Census, T9 R11, #408-415, p. 64
1870 Neshoba Co, MS Census, 1080-1080
1880 Newton Co, MS Census, Beat 3, Supv. Dist. 2 ED 87, p. 48 #427-413
1900 Newton Co, MS Census, Enumerated in the household of her son A. J. Staton
1910 - Enumerated in the Newton Co, MS household of her son Andrew J. Staton

Co D 36th Mississippi Infantry CSA

Newton Co, MS April 26, 1872. New Ireland Church organized with the following charter members: John Boler, Martha Boler, Wiley Abney, Elender Abney, James A. Abney, George H. Abney, Sarah A. Abney, Nancy E. Abney, James T. Rucker, Susanah E. Rucker, J. M. Pool, S. G. Harris, N. Staton, Elizabeth Staton, W.G. Taylor, Jane Taylor.

Nancy Miller Walton Boler

Census records for Nancy indicate a birth year range of 1808-1810.  She was still alive as of the 1880 census enumeration.  Nancy Miller married first James Walton, brother of Wesley Boler's wife Eliza.  They had a large family together.  After the death of James & Eliza, Wesley Boler married his sister-in-law Nancy Miller Walton.

1860 US Census Newton Co, MS, Union Post Office, #669-684


James Walton

Son of John Walton & Sarah McMillin

May 28, 1800 - August 5, 1854

Family documents in the Walton file at the Philadelphia / Neshoba County Library appear to validate the dates shown on the replacement tombstone for James Walton.

1834 Neshoba Co, MS Tax Rolls
1835 Purchased Land in Neshoba Co, MS
1840 US Census Newton Co, MS, p. 141
1850 US Census Scott Co, MS #13-13

Susan Miller

Susan Miller was the mother of Nancy Miller, who married James Walton & Wesley Boler.  Census records validate the birth year shown on her replacement tombstone.  The latest Newton County Cemetery book has her listed incorrectly as "died 1782".    She was still alive in 1870, having been enumerated on the Neshoba County census, in the household of what must have been her son-in-law, Franklin Clark.  Susan's husband  most probably was early Newton County settler Michael Miller.  Based on census records, it appears that the Miller family made the migration from South Carolina with the Walton group, including the Hinds Co, MS sojourn.

1850 - Enumerated on the 1850 Newton Co, MS Census of what must be her son, Michael Miller
1860 - Enumerated in the 1860 Newton Co, MS household of her daughter Nancy Walton.
1870 - Living in the Neshoba Co, MS of what must be her son-in-law Franklin Clark.


Wiley Abney

Born November 15, 1803

Died May 22, 1890

Wiley Abney married Elender Hailey on April 19, 1832 in Elbert Co, GA.

1850 Elbert Co, GA Census, p. 377, #202-202
1860 Elbert Co, GA Census, p. 835, #643-643
1880 Newton Co, MS Census, Beat 3, p. 36, ED 87, Supv Distr. 2, #323-311

Newton Co, MS April 26, 1872. New Ireland Church organized with the following charter members: John Boler, Martha Boler, Wiley Abney, Elender Abney, James A. Abney, George H. Abney, Sarah A. Abney, Nancy E. Abney, James T. Rucker, Susanah E. Rucker, J. M. Pool, S. G. Harris, N. Staton, Elizabeth Staton, W.G. Taylor, Jane Taylor.



Ella Abney Germany

Wife of J. B. Germany

Born Nov. 29, 1854

Died Apr. 24, 1900


Nancy Ella Abney married J. B. Germany Oct. 13, 1879 in Newton Co, MS.  She was the daughter of Wiley Abney and his wife Eleander Hailey.



Sarah Ann Abney Germany

Born Nov. 1, 1847

Died Aug. 5, 1907

Sarah Ann Abney, daughter of Wiley Abney & Eleander Hailey married J. B. Germany on August 1, 1900 in Newton Co, MS.




James W. Abney

Born about 1841 per the 1880 Newton Co, MS Census

James W. Abney was a child of Wiley Abney & his wife Elender Hailey.

1880 - Living in the Newton Co, MS household of his father, Wiley Abney.



H. C. Germany

Born June 6, 1846

Died June 11, 1921

Henry Cobb Germany was the son of James Germany and his wife Susan.  He married Caroline Walton, daughter of James Walton and Nancy Miller.

1870 Neshoba Co, MS Census #1204-1204
1880 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Beat 4, p 13, Supv Dist 2, ED 60, #103-103



Andrew Gordon

Born December 15, 1823

Died February 1, 1896

Andrew Gordon was a son of Newton Co, MS pioneer Govin Gordon & his wife Mary Harris.  He married Mary Kimball.

1860 Newton Co, MS Census, Union PO #589-605
1870 Newton Co, MS Census, p. 500, Township 8, Range 11, #28-28
1880 Newton Co, MS Census, Beat 3, p. 49, Supv Dist 2, ED 87, #429-415



Mary Kimball Gordon

Born July 5, 1832

Died April 4, 1913


Mary Kimball was a child of David Kimball & his wife Susannah Anderson.  She was born in Georgia.



Lewis Driskell

Sept 3, 1830 - Nov 8, 1900

Margaret Frances Graham

Oct 1848 - July 29, 1929



Reuben Pinkney Dollar

Born July 5, 1818

Edgefield, SC

Died August 18, 1876

Near Union, Miss.

Reuben Pinkney Dollar was a son of Ambrose Dollar & his wife Jemima Clearman.  He married Francis Reisenhoover.



Francis Reisenhoover Dollar

Born Nov. 4, 1823

Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Died Dec. 24, 1906

Near Union, Miss.




Lora F. Dollar

1845 - 1934


Cemetery  is under construction with a complete enumeration coming..........

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