Weblin House

Virginia Beach
(Old Princess Anne County) VA

Possibly the oldest structure in Virginia Beach, the Weblin House was built prior to 1670 on land granted in 1648 to Thomas Lambert.  The house took its name from John Weblin, who inherited the property through his marriage to Thomas Lambert's daughter.  I knew it as the Moore farmhouse.  When I moved to Virginia Beach 21 years ago, Moore Farm became a familiar place.  Owned by widow Moore, the historic home and its surrounding farmland had become completely surrounded by the newly developed Cypress Point neighborhood.  Mrs. Moore continued to maintain a working farm in the late 80's with lush rows of vegetables cultivated by Preston Turner, who also operated a cabinet shop in the outbuildings.  Vegetable garden plots were rented out to those city residents who still wished to have an affinity with the soil  My aunt and I picked vegetables at Moore's farm on a regular basis.  Preston's beautiful May Peas held an important spot in my freezer.  Somehow I felt it would never end.  But Mrs. Moore died.  Preston moved to North Carolina.  Why did I not take pictures when it still held it's pastoral charm?  Moore's Farm has forever changed. 

11/04/2007 05:51:56 PM