Nelson House
Yorktown, VA

The ancestral home of the Nelson family majestically reigns over its long time neighbors in the Historical District of Yorktown, Virginia.  The structure has maintained its vigil from the heights above the York River through times that imperiled the future of our emerging nation.  The battle that settled the outcome of the Revolutionary War was waged beneath her glance.  The house's occupant of that day, Thomas Nelson, was a Governor of Virginia, Commanding Officer in the Virginia Militia, and signer of the Declaration of Independence.  His father and grandfather had been masters of the same household.  Nelson's ancestor, Nicolas Martiau had original settled the site after his 1620 migration to the Colony of Virginia.   Today the grand structure opens its doors in hospitality to visitors seeking to further their understanding of the hallowed ground that played such an important part in assuring our country's independence.


Nelson House

"Scotch Tom" Nelson, founder of the Nelson family and fortune in Yorktown, built this mansion in the early 1700's.  Later it passed to Yorktown's most illustrious son Thomas Nelson, Jr., who signed the Declaration of Independence, served as wartime Governor of Virginia, and commanded the Virginia militia during the siege of Yorktown.

Governor Thomas Nelson spends eternity in an honored location near the south marl wall of historic Grace Episcopal Church.  His final resting place, along with that of his father and grandfather, sits across the street from his ancestral home.

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