Albemarle Co, VA

Directions:  From I-64 take Exit 121A.  At the first traffic light (Hwy 53) turn left.  Follow the signs to Monticello.  

Monticello, the home of President Thomas Jefferson, was built over his lifetime by that unique man who contributed so much to the foundations of our liberty.  Sitting atop a mountain overlooking the picturesque nearby countryside, the home features many gadgets utilized by the man who enjoyed both architecture and crafting inventive ways to make everyday tasks more efficient.  The plantation site is located on what was originally a 3,000 acre devise from his father near Charlottesville, VA.  The view shown to the left is the back side of the home, which is more inviting to the camera.  The front facade is shielded from view to some extent by large trees.  When one visits 21st Century Monticello one's automobile is left in a parking lot slightly down the mountain.  A shuttle bus carries ticketed passengers to the home, where the group is met by a knowledgeable docent.  The tour consists of a portion of the main level of the house.  There are separate tours conducted in the garden, Mulberry Row, and various outbuildings.


Modern tourist visitors approach the front (east) entrance to Monticello as would have an important 18th century guest of Thomas Jefferson.  In this time most of the front facade of the house is hidden by massive trees which sit to both sides of the entrance walk.  One can note two of Jefferson's interesting gadgets in the picture.  Atop the house sits a weathervane.  Jefferson was extremely interested in the weather and the seasons, recording for posterity minute details regarding the same.  Above the entrance door is an outdoor clock.  If one stands at the front entrance and looks up, what is viewed on the porch ceiling is a large compass which is attached to the weather vane on the roof..


Pictured Left:  The North face of Monticello.  The dining room faces the walkway extending from the house.  Pictured Right:  The South face of Monticello.  The private suite of President Jefferson and his greenhouse face the walkway.




Thomas Jefferson
Citizen - Statesman - Patriot
The Greatest
Advocate of Human Liberty
Opposing Special Privileges
He Loved and Trusted
The People

To Commemorate His
Purchase of Louisiana

Erected by
The Jefferson Club
of St. Louis, MO
On Their Pilgrimage Oct. 12, 1901
To Express their
Devotion to His Principles


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