Lynnhaven House

Virginia Beach, VA
(formerly Princess Anne County)

The historic structure known to local residents as the Lynnhaven House was built in 1725 by the Thelaball family.  The 19th century burial ground of the Boush family stands watch to the south of the house that family also once owned.    Currently the property of the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities, the beautifully maintained 18th century building sits off Wishart Road in the Bayside borough of Virginia Beach, VA.  It is a perennial field trip favorite of local school children and is a featured stop on the Bayside History Tour.  Current construction on a new Educational Center has temporarily affected the pastoral nature of the house's setting and has forced closure of the entranceway and parking lot.  A temporary entrance slightly to the east of the normal gateway leads one to drive through the woods to a temporary parking area nearer the home.




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