Grace Episcopal Church

Yorktown, VA

"The sturdy marl walls of this church have been standing since 1697 despite the ravages of war during the two sieges of Yorktown (1781 and 1862) and despite the "great fire" of 1814.  It continues, as it has for generations, to serve York - Hampton Parish in the Protestant Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia."

The Diocese of Southern Virginia may hold the deed to historic Grace Church.  But it is only the custodian, granted the authority during this time to preserve the ancient house of worship, which is actually owned by the ages.  In the continuum of time, our lifetime is but a heartbeat.  May the lifetime of Grace Church span the ages.



Colonial Grace Church
York - Hampton Parish
A National Shrine At The Cradle Of The Republic
Erected 1697 Burned 1814 Partially Rebuilt 1825 Rebuilt 1926
These Are The Original Walls, Built of Marl.
The Bell Was Cast In London in 1725
Broken During Fire of 1814. Recast In Philadelphia 1882.
The Original Hammered Communion Silver,
Made In London 1649, Is Still In Use.
First Confirmation Service In Virginia
Was Held In This Church In 1791.
General Thomas Nelson, Jr.,
Signer Of The Declaration of Independence,
Lies Buried In The Churchyard







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