The Glasshouse

Jamestown, VA

When one passes through the National Park Service gatehouse entrance to Jamestown, the first  historical experience that presents itself is the Glasshouse.  Existing side by side in the 21st century are the ruins of the actual 1608 Jamestown glass house, and an exhibition building providing visitors a first hand view of the process in which glass was created by Virginia's first English settlers.  The picturesque site sits near the bank of the majestic James River, which has overlooked the creation of glass for almost 400 years.




"The Glass Packaging Institute contributed to the erection of this replica of the Glasshouse.  the first exhibit structure, constructed by the Jamestown Glasshouse Foundation, was destroyed by fire in October 1974 and has been replaced by this building on May 8, 1976.  This marks the continuing effort of the Glass Packaging Institute to commemorate America's first industry.  This tablet erected by the Institute 1976."







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