A Fall Day
In Colonial

A Fife & Drum Corp marches down the street garbed in three corner hats, knee pants and leggings.  A blacksmith labors by an open fire.  A horse drawn carriage transports its occupants down a street that has known many hooves.  Children take their turns posing for pictures in a stock that might once have punished those whose transgressions angered the community.  A College of William & Mary vocal group sings on the street corner for gathering tourists.  Citizens of 21st century Williamsburg walk their dogs down a street that has been traveled by many.  Bruton Parish Church opens its doors to those who would stand near the spot where Thomas Jefferson and George Washington worshiped.  It is a beautiful fall day in Colonial Williamsburg.  Its trees prepare to shed their bright plumage of leaves in anticipation of the beginning of yet another holiday season.  If there is a world of terrorism and gloom lying outside the boundaries of Williamsburg, it is not evident in these historic streets.







01/01/2007 02:59:39 PM