The Washington Post
Washington, DC

October 25, 1905

REISINGER - On Saturday, October 21, 1905, at Denver, Col., Charles H. Reisinger, beloved husband of Anna Reisinger (nee Schmidtman) and son of Dora and the late John G. Reisinger, in his thirty-first year. Funeral from his late residence, 235 G street northwest, Wednesday, October 25, at 2 p.m.; thence to Trinity Lutheran Church, Fourth and E streets northwest. Interment at Prospect Hill Cemetery.

December 28, 1905

PROBATE COURT - Mr. Justice Gould
Estate of Magdalena Hofer: will dated March 28, 1895, filed: executor, John G. Reisinger.

May 24, 1907

Druggist Convicted of Making False Affidavits in Suit Against Estate of John G. Reisinger
Harrison Wagner, a druggist, formerly of Maryland, who has made his home in the District for several years, was convicted of perjury by a jury in Criminal Court No. 1 yesterday.
Wagner was indicted for making false affidavits in connection with a lawsuit against the estate of John G. Reisinger, in which an action against the executors and legatees of the estate was based upon a judgment alleged to have been obtained in Dickinson County, Va. The defendant was remanded for sentence, and counsel gave notice of motion for a new trial.
For the last two decades, Wagner is said to have obtained judgments in the States of Maryland and Virginia against many persons for whom he harbored a fancied grievance. it is said he secured about 11,000 judgments, as was shown by evidence at the trial yesterday, were obtained by alleged fraudulent schemes worked in collusion with various persons.
At the time of his arrest, fac simile seals of the secretary of state of Maryland and other State and county officials as well as documents upon which they had been forged, were produced in evidence.

July 4, 1907

Druggist Adjudged Insane
Harrison Wagner, Convicted of Perjury, Is Committed to Asylum
Harrison Wagner, a druggist, formerly living in Montgomery County, Md., who was convicted of perjury several weeks ago, yesterday was adjudged of unsound mind by a jury in Criminal Court No. 1, and committed to the Government Hospital for the Insane.
Wagner was indicted for filing a false affidavit in connection with a civil suit filed by him against the estate of John G. Reisinger, involving certain property in Dickenson County, Va., The judgments which were obtained by Wagner against this estate were set aside by the Virginia courts.

April 21, 1910

Married In Arion Hall
Miss Esther Lunsford Becomes Bride of Albert Bagelmann
In the presence of more than 150 friends and relatives Miss Esther Lunsford, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Lunsford, of Lewinsville, Pa., was married to Albert Bagelmann, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Bagelmann, of this city, in the assembly hall of the Arion Singing Society's clubhouse last night. The Rev. H. Schroeder, pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, officiated. Frederick Reisinger acted as best man. Miss Anna Bagelmann, sister of the bridegroom, was maid of honor. The bridesmaids were Dorothy Lunsford, the bride's sister, and Johanna Bertram. Otto Schreiber, Richard Lunsford, John Schedler, and Louis Schmidt were the ushers.  Following the ceremony, John Wischhusen, president of the Arion Singing Society, presented the young coupe with a dinner set in behalf of the society, of which the bridegroom is a member. Supper was served.


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