The Laurel Ledger
Laurel, Mississippi

September 14, 1906

Hot Fox Chase
An exciting fox chase was run ten miles west of Laurel in the Soso neighborhood yesterday morning. The particular fox had made this section his headquarters for the past four years, feasting on the best of poultry, defying the packs that came from far and near to dislodge him, but when W. P. and C. D. Boler with their two and Will Parker with his one and Freeman Morgan with his six trained English and Walker dogs, Reynard had to take to the earth but was dislodged there from and after a few hours chase Mr. Fox was picked up in the open. Measured three feet from tip to tip. To show her appreciation of the capture, Mrs. S. J. Copeland prepared an elegant breakfast for the hungry men and dogs. Several more fox are known to be in this section and more races are eagerly awaited.

(Wesley Powell Boler & Charlie Duggan Boler were grandsons of Wesley Boler.  Their father was his youngest son, Andrew Jackson Boler.)

December 2, 1909

Political Mass Meeting at Ellisville, December 10.
The Ledger is in receipt of the following communication:
At a citizen's mass meeting at Ellisville, Oct. 29, the resolution given below was adopted and sent out for signatures and it has been signed by the most prominent citizens and voters of Jones county. The resolution speaks for itself, and we would urge every citizen of the county to be present, if possible, as there will be questions of importance to you discussed. On account of lack of space, only a few names are given. Respectfully, Walter Boler

Ellisville, Miss., Oct 29. - We, the undersigned citizens and voters of Jones county, seeing the great division along political lines and believing that education is the only thing that will blot it out, therefore, be it Resolved, that, we call a political mass meeting of all parties to meet at Ellisville, Miss., on Friday, before the second Sunday in December, for the purpose of discussing of anything as affects us politically. Walter Boler, H. C. Collins, B. T. Collins, Hubert Herrington, J. S. Sumrall, J. B. Praytor, W. E. Granthman, W. W. Hopkin, U. S. Collins, E. C. Tisdal, W. P. Moss, Rev. R. J. Loper, P. C. Jourdan, J. L. Shows, J. J. Collins, E. E. Kirkland, A. T. Long, C. S. Jourdan, T. D. Williams, G. B. Boler, Jery Moss, R. L. Barfield, A. J. Runels.

(G. B. Boler was a son of Wesley Boler.  Both he and his brothers John M. Boler & Henry Clay Boler had sons named Walter.  We would assume that the Walter Boler who signed this notice was probably Green Berry Boler's son.)

June 3, 1909

West Tallahala Singing Convention Held Interesting Session at Indian Springs.
The West Tallahala Singing Convention met at Indian Springs Saturday and Sunday, May 29th and 30th. The convention was called to order Saturday morning by President Marion T. Hill and prayer by A. Freemen. Song service was held until 12 o'clock when a bountiful dinner was spread.  After refreshments the afternoon session met. In the absence of the secretary H. Sumrall was made secretary pro tem, and credentials called for.  Sunday session met at eleven o'clock. The welcome address by Miss Nannie Boler was very much enjoyed. Response by Miss Thoda Rowell was equally as interesting. By motion the county papers were requested to publish both these. The Sunday sermon was preached by Rev. Chapman. After dinner the class engaged in a song service for the evening.  The next convention will meet at Shady Grove, four miles north of Laurel, Saturday before the fifth Sunday in August. Marion T. Hill, Pres.; H. Sumrall, Sec. Pro Tem.

(Miss Nannie Boler was a granddaughter of Wesley Boler.  Her father was Green Berry Boler.)


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