Korean Conflict

Forever in the shadow of its predecessor, World War II, and its successor, Viet Nam, the Korean Conflict has become a War forgotten by our time.  On June 25, 1950 the North Korean People's Army invaded the Republic of Korean, beginning the three years of civil war.  An armistice was signed on July 27, 1953.

Pictured Above:  Korean Conflict Memorial, Battery Park, Lower Manhattan, New York City

Korean Conflict Casualties

Newton County, Mississippi

Holley, James M.- PFC Army - DOW - 09/27/1950
Nelson, John L -. SGT Army -  KIA - 01/19/1952
Partridge, Eddy G -. PVT Army - KIA - 04/17/1953
Thompson, Amos M. - PFC Army - KIA - 09/26/1951

Neshoba County, Mississippi

Backstrom, John H. CPL ARMY KIA 11/05/1951
Barrett, Rush W. SGT ARMY KIA 09/03/1951
Boler, Darwin E. PVT ARMY KIA 12/08/1950
Cates, James G. SFC ARMY DWM 12/03/1950
Maxey, Frankie L. PFC ARMY KIA 09/14/1950
May, Elton PFC ARMY KIA 08/31/1950
Withers, Robert L. PFC ARMY KIA 08/12/1950

Princess Anne Co, VA

Brinson, Grover Jr. - Army PVT - KIA - 5/25/1951
Dill, Glenn I Jr. - Army CPL - KIA - 2/13/1951
Hutton, William F. - Army SFC - KIA - 3/17/1953
St. Clair Webb Jr. - Army 1st LT - DWC 11/30/1950

DWC - Died While Captured
DWM - Died While Missing
KIA - Killed In Action

Newspaper Notices

THE UNION APPEAL - May 28, 1953

Marine Master Sgt. Cordell L. Lundy, son of Mrs. Ruth Lundy, Union, was one of 3038 Marine and Navy veterans of the First Marine Division who arrived here today from Korea aboard the Navy ship General Nelson M. Walker.  A veteran of 16 years, Sgt. Lundy has recently completed a tour of duty in Korea.

THE UNION APPEAL     - July 9, 1953

Private James H. Gilmore has returned to Camp Stewart, Georgia, after spending a furlough with his wife and friends here.

Pictured Right:  Monument Commemorating Women in the Military, Washington, DC

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