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Name: Ryan Smith Date: 2007-11-23

I just left Thanksgiving dinner with my folks and listening to stories about family gone by. Over dinner my aunt Lynette Granade told about a trunk stolen from her grandpa Tyner's barn that contained a letter from a President (she thinks Adams) granting the family land in Mississippi. Some of the contents of that trunk later turned up in a pawn shop in Sebastopol, MS. I decided to do a little Go...(trimmed)

Name: lisa doczi cohen Date: 2007-10-22

Hi, I love your site. When I was in highschool in Va Beach I rode at a farm that had a cemetary on is now in the middle of a development. I went a looked up the family in the census books. For the last 20 years I have studied many of them out here in pungo. I know of two that are on local horse farms. I really enjoyed your site. Lisa

Name: Doug Wall Date: 2007-10-22

Thank you for the exciting work that you share with all of us. I recently located your photos of the Union MS headstones of Rev. John C. Portis and his wife, Margaret Maria Boyd. In your notes, you indicate that Ms. Portis' mother was Maria Henderson. I descend from Margaret Maria's sister, Mary Jane Boyd who married Augusta Harrison Corley. Can you direct me to documentation of Maria Henderso...(trimmed)

Name: william nelson Date: 2007-10-17

I forgot to ask,do you have copies of nelson files you could send me??I have govenor/president william nelson's notes(copies)and the picture of him is "EXACTLY" an image of my father and myself,moreso my father.Its as if dad had long hair and a wig!!!There was a breach in the family,supossedly,that no one reembers and my lines "left suddenly in the night"and no one knew where they(we)went.The "dna...(trimmed)


Thought you might like to know the nelsons descendant of william 1st,and thus,related to queen elizabeth of england.Thanks for photos of grave sites,been looking for such.I am a nelson but had to take ancient arundell(gf)name.Nelsona and arundell both relatecd to britain pages.

Name: Barbara Robinson Date: 2007-09-04

I stumbled across this web site a couple of years ago when I googled the Pleasant Ridge Elementary School and what a find? My grandmother, Lelia Lamb Munden, was a teacher at this historic school. Your web site served as a second source to confirm many pieces of my family’s genealogy and inspired me to dig deeper. My grandmother, Lelia, was the wife of William C. Munden, the son of John “the B...(trimmed)

Name: connie mcmillan Date: 2007-08-16

i am hear to search family history . i am the daughter of paul mcmillan of pennsylvania , grand parent wwere jesse j mcmillan i belive from piney creek, nc his father was i belive franklin mcmillan can any one help me . thank you

Name: Michele Shrader Date: 2007-08-14

Nice Page!! Here Is My New Email As Well.

Name: scott foreman Date: 2007-08-04

I'm looking for some relatives in Webster Springs area of West Virginia. Mortons or Cunninghams you can email me or call 408-648-5222, thanks

Name: L.Calhoun Date: 2007-07-25

Wonderfu Site. Just looking for William & Louiza Mills from Ga. to Al.

Name: Carole Love Date: 2007-07-08

It was a pleasure to stumble across this site and see some familiar names and faces. My grandparents were Barney and Carmon Mason. My mother, Marian Mason Isbell,was so happy to see the places she grew. Thanks for your efforts!!!

Name: Elizabeth Shelby Date: 2007-07-01

I was so delighted to find your web site. I am decended from Govin Gordon, Jr. through Nancy Gordon who Married Thomas Gordon Lay. I might be able to fill in some blanks in that line of you are interested.

Name: Judy Baucum Smith Date: 2007-06-29

looking for anything concerning the Baucum's

Name: Lynnea Date: 2007-06-22

Carol - You might try looking for your Willis-Cooper line in Daviess Co., Missouri.

Name: Alecia Midgett Date: 2007-06-19

I am interested in finding out how to access your infomation. I saw a post from a women WHO referenced OC Midgett. That is my husbands (also Oliver Chaytor Midgett) Great Great or Great Great Great Grandfather. I also have a 4 year old son Edward Oliver Chaytor Midgett :o) I would love to see what you have :o)

Name: Elvin T. Bounds Date: 2007-06-12

Great site. Really apppreciate the work you are doing on geneology.

Name: Susan F. Moorman Date: 2007-06-12

Wonderful site, I especially like the quotations you selected. I am trying to verify the father/son connection of William Goss to Rowland Goss (Wm. was the son of Thomas Goss). Would you have any information?

Name: Michael Walker DVM Date: 2007-05-31

Hi! Carol lookin for struff on the House and Wilson families out near House or Mogulusha

Name: Michele Shrader Date: 2007-05-15

Nice Webpage, very intresting information about our family history.

Name: Monette L. Cortez Date: 2007-05-12

Interested in Nancy T. Rhodes. A great X grandma.

Name: Richard Holt Date: 2007-05-09

I am a descendant of James H. Hail of Halifax Co., NC. Would appreciate further info on the William Hail family.

Name: Arthur L. Randall Date: 2007-04-15

Just stumbled across your website at 2am while feeding my addiction to family history. Thank you for a nice site. We have a common ancestor John Jonas Scoggins-Elizabeth Ann Broadaway.

Name: Wiliam Wiley Rhodes Date: 2007-03-27

We like to have more info. about our family. We like the fact that some one has made this web site for people like us to see. We thank ya so much for this.

Name: Robert Tatum Date: 2007-03-19

served in viet nam from 1969-1970 135th eng det. welcome home

Name: Eric Crenshaw Date: 2007-03-14

just looking for some history on my family name

Name: Peggy Jayne "WELLS" Wear Date: 2007-03-12

I am seeking information on the Charles Millington Wells/Elizabeth "Lizzie" LOGAN family.

Name: Jim Blackwell Date: 2007-03-07

Hi Carol What a wonderful site you have. I am researching George Humphreys of Pendleton Dist, SC. Phillip P Boulware witnessed two deeds. I am hoping to prove his wife Charlotte b: 1775 was a dau or sister to Phillip Boulware, so far no luck. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Jim

Name: Dan McDonald Date: 2007-03-05

Hi Carol - Just wondering if any of your Daniel McDonald's male descendants have done the y-dna testing. I also have Alabama McDonalds and am trying to figure out how they got there. We know of NC and VA connections, but would like to find the exact families. Dan

Name: Bridget Flanagan Date: 2007-02-11

Hello, I think we might be distantly related. I'm doing a genealogy project on my family history. You have a harrison entry, and that Ferry Farmhouse picture looks familiar to one my great g-ma described to me. I have a lineage done by a professional genealogist that I'll send to you if you give me your email. It says that through the Harrisons, I'm the 15th direct descendant of Pocahontas. I...(trimmed)

Name: Francis Strange Date: 2007-02-08

This is the first i have gotten on history of family.I'am also looking to find a few about a book i'am doing would you have anything on alexander family or even the strange family they are both from this area.I would appreciateany help anyone can give me my email is thank you

Name: Farrell Freshcorn Date: 2007-02-04

My parents lived in Vinton, Oh., so I thought I would visit.

Name: Clyde Date: 2007-01-22

Hi Carol I just surfed onto your site while browsing for Portsmouth pictures. Great piece of work. Will take some time to peruse it all. :-)

Name: Anna Phillips Hopwell Date: 2007-01-03

Looking for John L Phillips family-He was born in N,C and died in Ms,

Name: Mike Hearn Date: 2006-12-21

Hi, Thanks for including the cemetery at the Virginia/Maryland line on your site. However, the cemetery is called "Brittingham's Cemetery" not "Downings Methodist Church Cemetery." Downings Church is about 5 miles farther south on US 13, and there is a large cemetery there. But, the one behind the Royal Farms is Brittingham's.

Name: Stephanie Whitehurst Pack Date: 2006-11-26

What a beautiful website... esp ref to the Nimmo Church page. I have searched for this church for ages and NO ONE else offers it. Thanks for your hard work and concern! Keep up the good work.

Name: Suzie McMillan Stovall Date: 2006-11-11

Hi! I was really surprised and excited to open the McMillan page. Neil McMillan was my greatgreatgrandfather. The house shown is still standing in Dowdville. My father still lives there and I have built next to it.I have been looking for Neil's parents name but I'm still searching. thanks,Suzie

Name: Helen Battleson Date: 2006-10-26

I just read that Grace Sherwood has finally been pardoned! I am so happy to know she has been vindicated. I lived in Virginia, and now I am back in California. One of my daughters and I visited the Witch Duck area after reading about her years ago. I applaud you for your hard work! Helen @Hewick (formerly of Urbanna, VA)

Name: John R. Johnson Date: 2006-10-23

I just posted a comment about my Johnson side. After I posted it I started looking at the other families. My grandmother, Annie Kate Pickett Johnson was the d/o William Raines Pickett and Alice Hortense Bailey. William R. Pickett was the s/o Jepth Boulware Pickett and Nancy Elizabeth Raines. Jepth B. Pickett was the s/o Jeptha Pickett and Nancy Boulware. Nancy Boulware was the d/o Muscoe Boulware ...(trimmed)

Name: John Raines Johnson Date: 2006-10-23

Thank you for posting this. Even though I have hit a stone wall with my gggrandfather Willie (William) Johnson it shows me what is possible.

Name: Ann LaDue Date: 2006-10-22

I was researching some HICKMAN family and came across your site. I noticed you had an obit for Emmitt Franklin Hickman and it list his sister as Mrs. O.C. Midgett. This lady is Daisy Wilmoth Hickman and she married Oliver Chaytor Midgett(e) 27 June 1906 in Norfolk. When further searching your site, I noticed in the pedigree line, you don't list Daisy as the sister to Emmitt. I have been having a t...(trimmed)

Name: bonnie dowell Date: 2006-10-18

carol -- am descended from elizabeth pastre, daughter of jean pastre and catherine bert interested in sharing some info?

Name: Donna Benton Date: 2006-09-16

I am the granddaughter of Arizona Boler, daughter of Moneta Montra Richardson. I did not know if you were interested in any of my information that I might have. Please contact me if you would like to do that.

Name: Romano Russell-Vasquez Date: 2006-09-11

I'm a decendent of Enoch Russell. What a wonderful site to know a little about family history.

Name: B. Rossman Date: 2006-08-27

Thought you'd be interested in knowing that the Quaboag Historical Society will be opening a museum on Aug. 24,2006 in the old railroad depot. Be sure to visit when you come again. Membership in the society might interest you. Only $5.00 Quaboag Historical Society P.O. Box 806 W. Brookfield ,MA 01585 Nice website

Name: Douglas Wallace Date: 2006-08-20

thank you!

Name: William Nathan Crenshaw Date: 2006-08-14

Pleasant A. Crenshaw was my great grandfather.He died in Comfort Texas,I believe in th 20's or 30's. Love your site thank you for all your hard work.

Name: SHEILA STONE(NORTON) Date: 2006-08-11

was looking for my family of mcnair/mcanear alexander mcanear b-fredick,maryland son samuel mcnear his son robert mcnair(he change the spelling of the name) his son andrew smith mcnair b-4-9-1810 d-10-19-1885 married catherine cluster abt 1829 .his son robert c, mcnair b-6-4-1830 pa married clara jane mcneer/mcnair mcnair family move to diff place in us .do u think we could have a connection? t...(trimmed)

Name: Anne Elizabeth Crenshaw Lafreniere Morin Date: 2006-08-04

Hello. I know next to nothing about my father's family but am willing to learn! My father was Claire Tappan Crenshaw, the son of either Joseph Luddington or maybe John (?) Crenshaw who married Anne Elizabeth Stuart; they had two other children, Virginia and Caroline. I remember my father talking about Crenshaw County and his homes in Alabama. Do you think I might be a relative? Many thanks fo...(trimmed)

Name: Irving Salas Date: 2006-07-27

I think that this page is grate, I like to know over family histories, I'm from Tijuana Mexico, today descovered this page and I liked.. That house is grate too.

Name: Rev.George Lee Munden Date: 2006-07-26

Thank you, for constructing this webpage. This is a great way to help our children to understand their history.

Name: Frank J. McMullin Date: 2006-07-10

This is my first time to view your site. I will be back, as I am into family history myself. Thank you!

Name: Beth Garison Date: 2006-06-21

My grandmother was a Goodwin and a decendant of John and James and Elizabeth Doswell. I was so excited to stuble upon your website as I didn't know much about the family, other than they were from Virginia. Thank you! Beth Garison, Little Rock, AR

Name: Staci Waddy Date: 2006-06-20

Hi Carol, I like your Waddy page. I guess we are related!

Name: john s foster Date: 2006-06-07

Fun to find your chronical of West Brookfield, Ma. were my grandfather(5 greats) is buried ain Old Indian Cemetery and site of office and home is on Foster Hill. Lovely little town with great pride in history.

I have started a Family tree on the Baucum's and any help from any one would be appreciated WI Baucum Married Fannie Wilson. Your site is very good Thanks Linda Linda Parker


Ellenor Shearman married James Meadows. If you want more information about the decendents of James Meadows and Ellenor Shearmon, I'll gladly share that information wiht you! Mitsy Fittipaldi 104 Bridgefield Road Madison, Alabama 35758 256-325-7104 Carolyn Meadows Fittipaldi


You've given me inspiration - wonderful organization and I especially love your freely given sources and citations. Bravo! Kathy Hartmann


enjoying all the info you have.great site I am a descendant of sarah shaddock and james halbert and I am going to get in contact with one of your readers named annette. I was glad to read of some other descendant of the family thank you marsha


I was talking to your dad today and decided to check out your site. H@C Harold A. Cleveland


Ummm. . .I'm just looking for other teens out there that like the history of Kempsville. . .NO I'M NOT A NERD!!! Oh, and HI CAROL! John Robert Settle IV


Hi Carol, you have a nice house and family. My GGGrandfather was married to one of the Neal's on your list. Miriam Neal first married Robert Williams 24 Dec 1839 then Edward J. Johnson(my ancestor) 26 May 1962. Nice to see someone who cares as much as I about family and family history. Roger Johnson roger johnson


I truely enjoyed my stay at your sight I read all about the Gordon Family. Govin Gordons brother Thomas is a direct line relative of mine. I have more relatives than I thought. Thanks so much. Bryan Murphy Bryan Murphy


Carol, this is a beautiful website! So much work, your pics are beautiful, your layout is beautiful, you should be proud! I am a descendant of John White, didn't know there was anyone else out there, have been looking off and on for many years. Marguerite Brown


We found info on web from your website and would like to know if we can copy and put in a book that we are printing on Jordan Family. There will be no selling of these books, only distribution to family. Only about 7 books will be printed. We are ready to print and would like to know as soon as possible. What we copied is on the Boler, Boulware family of which we are direct descendants. We aw...(trimmed) Dorothy Mills Williams


This is the best web site I think I have ever seen. Just GREAT Fran Cumberland Westbrook


A brother emailed me all of the info he had found on the enet on our Boler history. I was delighted and amazed! Thank you Maye Boler Weathers


Nice site, I'm just starting research on my family. Do you know of any Dickeys' from Nebraska ? John Dickey


Hi Carol,Happy to find you.I haven't looked around here yet.Looking for info on Benson',Disney' of AA. co. Dan Benson


Excellent collection of data and background facts. Your presentation of the Neshoba Cemetery is exemplary and so very helpful. The Hodges family starts a maternal Kittrell branch that is present in several lines in Neshoba County and it was only your presentation that allowed these lines to be observed. Thanks and keep doing it as long as you can or you enjoy it. It is for the ages. Chief Scribe

I also descend from the Dial Mills line. Great information on Dial.I Appreciate site,thanks. Blake Mills


I have just come across your guest book I would like to visit your site I am trying to research Shaddock family history may i visit your site Claire Bournemouth England Claire Day


Nicely done! Charles E. Tatem


Your site aided me in getting information to expand my Chandler line. I descend from Scott Chandler husband of Violet Gordon. Thanks. Terry Martin


I was directed to this sight by my sister Wanda Crenshaw, we are descendants of Thomas Crenshaw from Warren County Ga.Born 05/04/1816 virginia derenzis


I'm a Crenshaw but don"t know if we are related. My family ended up in Brazos Co.,Texas. If you know if some of your side went to Texas, please let me hear from you. Thanks, Pat Patricia (Crenshaw) Bryant


Very, very nice from what I've seen so far. As a direct EASON descendant I appreciate the info . Interesting about your grandmother's given name. Kenneth R. Searles


Just "Googled" in. Searching for info on Wm. Brown and Hannah Street Family. Especially interested in their son George, who is possibly my Great grandfather. Do you have information on this family? This is a very nice site. Arlene Brown Allen


Just checking on Info. on Macksfield Henslee Ron Henslee


Carol, you have accomplished so much. I am so proud to have you as a cousin. Lynett W. Butler


A beautiful site. I am also a descendant of Nicolas Martiau. Beverly Bryant

Was led to your site through a church website. I live in Neshoba County, MS, Have been doing research on the Warren Family. Betty Warren


Was led here through a link from a google search on my family ancestor, Macksfield Henslee. I'm curious about your interest in the Henslee line. William A. Henslee


Brian Shaffer gave me your web page. Looks awesome. Catherine Lawrence


Carol, I always enjoy your site. You have done a marvelous job with it. I don't get back to Neshoba much, and your site always brings back fond memories. Ray Ray Wilson


just found your site. I am descended from Thomas Benson of AA co. thanks, for the work. Dan Benson


Hi Carol. Do you know if there is any known picture in existance of "Calvin C. Cole"?? Is there a Cole family historical book of any kind?? Thanks!! WONDERFUL SITE! Very well put together! Shelly Belk


Hi, Carol! Just dropped in to see what's new. Today, I gave this web address to the Regent of a DAR chapter in Deltona, FL. She will attend the NSDAR Genealogists' Workshop next month in D.C. I suggested she look you up. You have such a GREAT WEBSITE! Keep up the good work! See you soon! All the best! Kitty Kitty Zaugg

I came across your fantastic website today and enjoyed browsing through your pages. I am a descendant of Sarah Shaddock and James Halbert.. until your site , I didn't know who her parents were...Thanks..... Annette


A wonderful and beautiful website and history which has been very helpful to me.I loved the story of the house across the street, I to wish you could have explored the houe before the papers and pictures were lost. You have a cemetery listing of The Yates Cemetery at Plattsburg..My GG grandfather,Darling Barber Yates(1815-1863) is buried in Yates Cemetery(only grave for this cemetery)at section-2...(trimmed) Martha Yates Vandver

Calvin C. Cole(1826) father of Martha Rachel Cole(31 Jan 1850) married(26 Jan 1871) William Franklin New(1849)parents of Theophilus New(1891)father of Talmage New(1920)father of David New(1950) father of John David New(1977) John D. New

I really enjoyed this page. I'm researching Read and Mills. The Read's are from my father's side. About 4 generations ago Charles Henry Read changed his name to Bonard. That's where I come in! I was unable to find what I was looking for in the Mills section, although I'm fairly certain it's related, I just need to search a little more and then come back. Please keep up the good work it's gre...(trimmed) Melinda Bonard


Great site! I have info on Eliza J Russell(daughter of Alvin)if you would like. Alvin Russell was my GGG-Grandfather. Bobbie-Jo (Freshcorn) Heinlen
Marion, OH

Enjoyed your site I'm looking for J.W. Ross died in Gallia co Ma 23 1850 Linda Rennison


I enjoyed your page. I'm trying to connect my Chowan Co. Goodwins with the ones in VA. Any suggestions or info greatly appreciated. Felicia Goodwin Walz


I am looking for any info onthe Lambert Family from Lambert's Point. My grandfather James Samuel Lambert was born there 1862 Jack D. Lambert


Hello, were looking for history on the Schwark name, any info will be great Thanks Schwark Blake


looking for churchill-carter family Hollis Carter


Am seeking info on John L Phillips. He was in Neshoba and Leake Counties. He married Elizabeth Jones in Lauderdale Co in 1840. Anna Phillips Howell


Hi Carol, I am a descendent of alvin russell, you are welcome to go to my geno site and look around. i have your site on my links section. its very nice. i live in NC near the SC line. Terri Russell

A wonderful webpage and a tribute to your work on recording your families. Enjoyed the photos very much. Congratulations on a job well done. Poldi Tonin


I forgot to say- We are related to the Walton family in your Walton genealogy through James Walton, son of John Walton and Sarah McMillan. Our line of descent is as follows: John and Sarah McMillan, James and Nancy Miller, John C. and Virginia White, J.C. (b. 1900)and Ruby Ethel Tolbert, Granville Lavern (b.1921 d. 2001, buried in Linwood Baptist Church Cemetery) and Georgena Coats (livin...(trimmed) Pat Walton Pourali


a wonderful site! Pat Walton Pourali


I am researching for my family tree My father's name is Joseph B. Doswell and his father was Edward Doswell. There is still a large gap but this answered some questions. I am curious as to whether or not the family owned any slaves? Adrianne L. Doswell-Sanchez


Great site,got lots on information on Martha Boler, Addie Tiner's Mother. Addie was my grandmother. Charles Mooney


Fascinating and represents lots of very hard work! Have a good deal of information on the Moses Walton (SC) line if you or others are interested. Cheerio and best wishes. Dan Walton


Your information is fasinating. I'm looking to trace my ancester "Austin Jones" b. 1814 and lived in Brunswick Co. to possibly your William Jones. I've had little luck with such a common name as Jones Alan Schwark


Carol, your writing is wonderful. Thank you for creating such a great site! Carole W. Carole Wofford Worley


Carol, I found your info. concerning Capt. Govin Gordon to give me some more leads towards tracking my Anderson ancestors beyond 1800. I was just wondering if you knew that your Govin Gordon was the step-son of Abraham Anderson & Ruth Gordon Anderson? The Gordons siblings and Anderson step-siblings are listed on Abraham's 1764 Berkley Co., South Carolina will. You've completed a tremend...(trimmed) Cheryl Anderson


I am also looking to start my family tree,I looking into the Doswell side. All I know is that my father's name is James H.Doswell, and his father came up from VA. Janese Doswell


I enjoyed your site. I was born and reared in Union. I left Union in 62. You probably knew my mother Irene Bailey she had Irene's Dress Shoppe on main street in Union from the late 40's until her death in 73. John Bailey


I enjoyed my first visit. My family roots are in the N/W corner of Newton County, but my father worked around Union quite a bit during the 60s and 70s. I believe you dad was our mail carrier..... Route #1, Union. Thanks for a great site. Homer Gross


I never get tired of exploring Carol's House and thanks for posting my writing. Ralph Ralph Gordon


I am very impressed with your website. I live in Union and have recommended it to several people. Thanks for your efforts. Tom Welsh


looking for rorden's marshall rorden


this is so interesting I only wish i could and/or would take to time to explore these treasures in my family Regina Mooney


What a wonderfull site! Much praise to you for all this lost history that has been documented and put together for all to explore and learn from. Now as for me, I am a direct decendent as well as caretaker for the stone family cemetary at 446 oceana blvd. JOHN WOODHOUSE STONE IV


Carol--Not sure who you are but think I know. Could your last name be Mills?? I didnt wrie for that, you have one outstanding page and I am very envenous of you and all the beautiful work you have done. I copied off the Chaplain Cemetery. Hope you dont mind. I have been working my butt off down there puting those old britle stones together. i just hope they stay. Stuart Chaplain


Wonderful site! I double descend from Richard Andrews, through his son, Roland Harris Andrews who married Celia Lewis and his daughter, Christina Andrews who married Jesse Winslow. Donna Davenport


My mothers' maiden name was Mildred Ruppel: daughter of Harry Ruppel, Sr. and Minna L. Hohmann. I know she had an Uncle Phil, a brother of Harry (Heinrich) Just interesting, especially if there is a conection. Sandra Sandra Wolske


This is a beautiful web site and a great contribution to history. I am impressed that you even have US Census citing to verify your information! I can tell that a lot of time and care went into the production of this site. I am a native of the Kempsville area of Virginia Beach and I was surprised to know that there is the Carraway Cementry behind Bonney Square! They must be the graves of the famil...(trimmed) Everett Seamans

My family is from your area. I am searching for Mott, Adams, McFarland, Young, Nicholson families. Many are buried at Herbert Church. There is a little church diagonally across the road and I can't remember the name of it. I am really confused about the Young/Nicholson connection. I live in Charlotte, NC. Thanks for your beautiful web page. Martha Martha Neese


looking for family history and I found your site. Sherri Comans Spillman


I was doing research and found this site. loved every bit of it. Betty Goodwin Nave


A very nice site you've created. The mention of Nicholson drew me to it. Rita Graves


I was referred to your page by Euell Johnson, in AR. We know we have acommon ancestor re DNA testing. My John Johnson was born in Washington COunty, PA but the family originally came from VA according to family lore (and borne out by these DNA results). I am looking for that family that went to PA or that part of PA that used to be VA, perhaps Quaker, and had a son John, born 5 March 1817. John...(trimmed) Florence Johnston Jester


Your Dad sent an email several months ago to me but I am just now viewing your webb page. I have enjoyed viewing it. I live at Little Rock, MS, my parents were J.P. & Clara Lou Cleveland White. I send family news to your Mother for the Union Appeal at various times. My wife is Bess Ann (Bobbie) Herrington White. We have two daughters: Lori Anne White Cosgrove and Julie Marie White, both are ...(trimmed) Kenneth (Kenny) R. White


Haven't looked yet. David F. Thompson


Great site, According to my research I am of the opinion that the "Boulwares" came from ireland where they arrived from France c1340. I have Bowler relatives in the US but they have no connection to yours. David Bowler {Derbyshire UK} David Bowler

hi carol... my father was born and raised in union (mr. bill wallace) he sent this page to me.. my other grandparents were from newton!! thank you! cindy haddock. columbia alabama.. cindy haddock


looking for California Boulware's B. G. Arthur


I have info on the Henry Walton Decendants. If you need any of that information, please let me know. Brenda Walton Cammack


I just learned of your web page from a e-mail I received from Sonny Wallace. It looks very interesting. I am looking forward to exploring it much more. Your parents and myself are good friends. I was raised on 5th Street and graduated from Union High in 1949. By the way your house and mine are similar. I live in Madison in North Bay. Malone Nicholson


Carol, Thanks for a great website. I am the son of W.C. "Sonny" Wallace. Union HS class of 47. My grandmother was Elmae Rose Wallace who worked for Dr. Earl Laird for years. Would love to hear from any of their friends. Thanks again. Stan Wallace


Carol... Thanks for your website. I am the #2 son of W.C. "Sonny" Wallace Union High School class of 47. My grandmother was Elmae Rose Wallace who worked for Dr. Earl Laird for years. Would love to hear from any old friends of Dad or "Granny". Stan Wallace


I just became aware of your web-site today. An amazing amount of work must have gone into this project. I share many of the memories of Union you mention, just slightly later in time. (UHS class of 73, ECJC class of 75, Millsaps graduate 77.) We moved to Nashville, TN in 1983. I look forward to spending more time on your site. Thanks, Glen Dickerson Glen Dickerson


I just recently started to research the Doswell side of my family. All I had known was about James Doswell befor, your webpage was very helpful. I am told that my late grandfathers wife has a book detailing the whole doswell family tree. If I can find it I will let you know that you may further your studies if you like. Ursula Doswell-Fotheringham


Looking for Nicholson and Young connections. Thanks, Martha Martha Gay Neese


I enjoyed the site very much. Some of my cousins tried to make one of my ancestors, Ezekiel Fuller, a son of Captain William Fuller, who married the daughter of Nicholas Marteau, but they can't prove it. Anyway, I feel very fortunate to have a Country with so much Great History! Calvin Little Calvin Little


I am a great grandson of Alexander Lafayette Caldwell, son of Joseph Delma Caldwell. R. Keith Ward


Thank you for posting such wonderful info. I am the daughter of Phyliss Ratcliffe-Shrader. My grandmother is Mary Alma Shrader. Jennifer Branham-Walden


Love your site.Im searching for info. on the mortons. My mothers father was harry morton and his brother was cecil morton. These two names are listed on your geneology site.My grandfather lived in New Point Indiana.We knew of no other siblings. Please e-mail at with info. debbie


Hello Carol. I am a descendant of Nicolas Martiau, through his daughter Elizabeth who married George Reade. Their daughter Mildred Reade married Augustine Warner, and they are ancestors of George Washington, Robert E. Lee, Meriwether Lewis, Queen Elizabeth, and ME. Jodi Dawes


m interested in e-mailing Carol re: Emmanuel P.E. Church Cemetery. Carolyn D. Lemay


Hello Carol, I was searching for info on my 2nd Grt Grand Uncle, Ezra Lee M. Jennings and was led to your site. If you have further info on his service in the Civil War I would appreciate your sharing it. I only know that he was born in MS, then served in a TX Regiment, and died at the Battle of Chickamauga. I suppose there must be some connection to your family? Thanks in advance if you get ...(trimmed) Randy Finfrock


Your web site is great! Enjoyed your Christmas card. Mildred Barie


I went to school in Union with your dad. My mother was Ethie Crenshaw McNair of Neshoba. Ellen Marie McNair Faribault


I was raised in Union and really enjoyed lookin at your site....great work. I am sending the link to ALL the rest of the Edwards Clan! Lynn Edwards West


Great site, Carol! Sue Harris


Very nice! Wanda Colvin


issac russell sr. was my g-g-g grandfather and he was the father of alvin. if u go to my homepage, u can see my geno pages from there. Terri L Russell

enjoyed the site...u had my ancestors on here and i was able to connect...ty so much....r we related??? terri russell

wonderful!!! estelle jordan


I am a granddaughter of Mildred Ruppel Pyfer. She had two daughters and one son. Audrey Pyfer Metz


I also have informatin on my father's sister Mildred Ruppel Pyfer and her 3 children and his brother Philip A. Ruppel. Will talk later, Eleonore Eleonore Ruppel Schleupner


Great reading. I'm the youngest great grandchild of William and Ida Isolona (Russell) Strausbaugh. Keep up the good work. Chuck Strausbaugh


Thank you posting and sharing your research. Thx. Mike Mike Bottoms

Carol, I have thoroughly enjoyed your website! I may have a connection with your STACY family. Thank you for sharing the lovely "rooms" of your house and heart. Cynthia Aucoin


What a treat to find your website. I, too, am related to some of the people in your tree. My connections are with the CLAYTON/WILLIS line. Thanks for all these beautifully made webpages! Janice Mauldin Castleman

Carol, I am a Gr.-Gr. Gr. Granddaughter of Alvin Russell/Hariet Spires via. their Daughter Rhoda. I have a little info on her am willing to share.......... Stacie Swick


I forgot to tell you: when I visited Bowlers Wharf more than 10 years ago, I met the lady who owns the little house at the end of the lane and to the left. It is supposedly from some or the original Bowler holdings but no one is sure how old "orginal." The VA Historical Society is very interested in the house which is now used as a summer place. Also not far from Bowlers Wharf is an original plant...(trimmed) Peggy Thomas Villanueva


Hust wanted to say I love your House. Do you live near VB? I am in NN. My mother was a Boulware, descended from Phillip Parr Boulware of Gasconade Co MO thru his son Barnett. Peggy Thomas Villanueva


Enjoyed the visit to your site. My connection is with the Jackson Family of Sumter Co., AL. Randall Jackson was my gggg-grandfather. Thanks! Deb


Carol, I am the greatgreat grandaughter of W.G. and Jane Taylor. Spoke to you awhile back about Jane's maiden name being Lay. Well, found another reference to her maiden name and it was spelled Leigh. Unsure which is right. I am still researching. Also, remember you telling me you thought that the Taylor's & Walton's might be some relation. Well, can't exactly prove it but do believe that James W...(trimmed) Lisa Reeves


I was so pleased to see the grave of my G.G. GF John McLin. I actually was able to fill in a few dates. Thanks so much....Jim James McLin


I am Marcus's son, I thought this is an excellent idea & hard work that you did. Brian Gordon


Carol, Thank you so much for all the information on the Andrews family. You have done a great job on your website. I descend from Martha Andrews, born about 1775, she married John McSwain. Thanks again, Jo Ann Crafton Jo Ann Crafton


Found your website while looking for information on Andrews line. I am researching Rowland Harris Andrews born 1813 and married Celia Lewis in 1835. It is going to take me a while to digest all the information that you have. As a non-American researcher I am so pleased to see the transcripts of documents which I would find extremely hard to trace. Many thanks and I will be in touch via email. Angela DeRoy-Jones


MANY areas of mutual interest: Johnson Ancestors; NSDAR; Huguenot Society; CDXVIIC; and more. GREAT WEBSITE ! Thanks! Anne



I was raised in the Neshoba-Dixon communities and have many of the same memories. Becky (Dickinson) Phillips


Many of my memories revolve around many of these people. I was raised in the Neshoba-Dixon community. Becky (Dickinson) Phillips


Enjoyed the visit down memory lane. I picked up on the Blaylock Cafe in Union , Ms. I had been researching John Nolon Blaylock of Blaylock's Drug Store, Oxford, Ms. Thanks. Charles Mills

2004-05-15 is the geneaology homepage Wayne McMillan



I have really enjoyed browsing your web site. You have done a great service for other researchers by making this information available on the 'net. Emma Lou Price


Carol, your webpage is beautiful. You have done an outstanding job. It is a great service to research. Milton L. Jenkins


I have Eason and Lassiter in my family tree. Lassiter


Carol: Your dad told me about this page. Am looking forward to really studying it. Thanks for doing it. Tom Johnson Tom Johnson