The Maret / Moser Family
of the Canton of Bern, Switzerland

The Moser family is identified as Maret in many the family records of Evangelische-Reformierte Kirch Nidau (Bern).  It appears that the actual family name was Maret and that the name Moser may have been associated with the innkeepers position that Hans Rudolph Maret/Moser held at one period of time.

Descendants of Hans Rudolph Moser

Generation No. 1

1. Hans Rudolph1 Moser was born about 1704, and died 03 Mar 1770 in Petterlingen, Canton of Bern, Switzerland. He married Anna Hotz. She was born 1703, and died 09 Nov 1768 in Petterlingen, Canton of Bern, Switzerland.

Children of Hans Rudolph Moser and Anna Hotz are:

2 i. Barbara Eizabeth2 Moser, born 03 Sep 1728 in Jensberg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland1. She married Daniel Hüss; born 20 Jan 1714/15 in Kirchlindach, Canton of Bern, Switzerland2.

3 ii. Ana Maria Moser, born 16 Jul 1730 in Jensberg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland3. She married Bendicht Gnägi 02 Feb 1753 in Switzerland4.

4 iii. Susana Barbara Moser, born 24 Feb 1731/32 in Jensberg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland5.

5 iv. Ana Catharina Moser, born 15 Jan 1733/34 in Jensberg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland5.

6 v. Hans Peter Moser, born 02 Oct 1735 in Jensberg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland6.

7 vi. Anna Catharina Moser, born 29 Sep 1737 in Jensberg, Canton of Bern, Switzerland7.


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Evangelische-Reformerte Kirche Nidau (Bern)

Jayrsberg- 3 7bris 1728
P. Hans Rod. MOSER, den aussbella im Jeysberg
Barbara Elisabeth
T. Jacob MOSER d. Nachricht zu Biel
Barbara HOTZ
Elisabeth MUELLER, also war Herr Helffer angegeben

Jaysberg (form of Jensberg) the 3 Sep 1728
Was christened Barbara Elisabeth, daughter of Hans Rod. MOSER of Jeysberg and wife Anna HOTZ. Witnesses are Jacob MODER of Biel, Barbara HOTZ and Elisabeth MUELLER

Jaeysberg, den 16 Jul 1730
P. Hans Rod. MARET
Anna Maria
T. Jac. WIZAR of Biel
Maria HOTZ of BIEL
Maria HOTZ zu Bern

Jaeysberg, the 16 July 1730 was christened Anna Maria, daughter of Hans Rod. MARET (I am sure it is the same as in the entry above but his name was listed as MOSER at that time, he changes his surname.)
And wife Anna HOTZ. Witnesses are Jacob WIZAR of Biel,Maria HOTZ of Biel and Maria HOTZ of Bern,

Jaysberg, den 24 Feb 1732
P. Hans Rodolf Maret, Erhwirth MOSER
Zusanna Barbara
T. David MARET
Anna Barbara NEYLOR?
Zusanna MARET

Jaysberg, the 24 Feb 1732 was christened Zusanna Barbara, daughter of Hans Rodolf MARET, the honorable innkeeper MOSER (this is like a second name because he takes care of that inn, and he can go by both names, MARET and MOSER, and wife Anna HOTZ. Witnesses are David MARET, Anna Barbara NEYLOR and Zusanna MARET.

Jaeysberg, den 15 Januar 1734
P. Hans Rod. MARET, Daussballer
Anna Catharina
T. Catharina MARET
Elsbeth HOTZ

Christened on the 15 Jan 1734 was Anna Catharina, daughter of Hans Rod. MARET and wife Anna HOTZ. (I can not tell you what a Daussballer is but it must be like a co owner of the inn or something like it). Witnesses are Catharina MARET and Elsbeth HOTZ.

Jaeyrsberg, den 2. 8ber 1735
P. Hs. Rod. MARET – Dausballer
Hanss Peter
T. Hs. Peter SCHNEIDER der Buerger
Johannes Weber der Weingesetzer zu Jaeyss.

On the 2 Oct 1735 was christened Hanss Peter, son of Hans Rod. MARET and wife Anna HOTZ. Witnesses are the citizen Hans Peter SCHNEIDER and the wine gardener Joannes WEBER of Jaeysberg.

29 Sept 1737 in Jaeysberg
P. Hs. Rod. MOSER
Anna Catharina
JALO. In Braunenthal
Catharina BODER des Meisters zu Biel Frau

Christened on the 29 Sep 1737 in Jaeysberg was Anna Catahrina, the daughter of Hans Rod. MOSER and wife Anna HOTZ. Witnesses were D. HUBER and Catharina BODER.

Den 25 Dec 1757
Par. Bendicht GNAEGI
Maria MOSER of Peterling
Hans Peter
Test: Hans Peter SCHNEIDER, Buergermeister
Johannes VUIHARD
Barbara Elisabeth MOSER

Christened on the 25 Dec 1757 was Hans Peter, son of Bendicht GNAEGI and wife Maria MOSER of Peterling. Witnesses was the village mayor Hans Peter SCHNEIDER, Johannes VUIHARD and Barbara Elisabeth MOSER

2 Feb 1753
Bendicht GNAEGI von Zelmund
Maria MOSER von Peterlingen das Meisters of Jaeysbergs Dochter

Married on the 2 Feb 1753 were
Bendicht GNAEGLI of Zelmund and
Maria MOSER of Peterlingen, daughter of the Master in Jaeysberg.

On the 24 Apr 1769 were married by me at Buerglen
Herr Gottlieb MOSER, von hier
Jungfrau Susanna Salome DU PAN auch von hier

Married on the 24 Apr 1769 were in Buerglen
Mister Gottlieb MOSER, a local man and
The maiden Susanna Salome DU PAN, local.

9-11 Nov 1768 starb in Petterlingen
Anna MOSER des Wasenmeisters auf dem Jaeysberg Ehefrau geb. HOTZ, nata 1703

On the 9 Nov 1768 died in Petterlingen Anna MOSER, nee HOTZ, wife of the Wasenmeister in Jaeysberg. She was born in 1703

3-6 May 1770 starb in Petterlingen
Rudolph MAGET, Wasenmeister auf dem Jensberg, alter circa 65.
(Was spelled also MARET before)

On the 3 May 1770 died and was buried on the 6 May 1770 in Petterlingen, Rudolph MAGET, a Wasenmacher

Den 26 April 1696
Sind 2 eheliche Kinder getauft worden
P. Hans ULRICH, Meister von Port und Elsbeth LOUSCHER
T. Bendicht BLASER der Brueggknecht von Nydaus
Niklaus LOUSCHER von Port
Susanna MOSER des Samuels LOUSCHERS des Schmidts Frauw von Nydau
Am selben Tag ist das andere Kind getauft worden.

On the 26 April 1696
Two legitimate children were christened today
Parents: Hans ULRICH, a master residing in Port and wife Elsbeth LOUSCHER
Child: Nicolaus
Witnesses: Bendicht BLASER a laborer of Nidau
Nikolaus LOUSCHER of Port
Susanna MOSER wife of the blacksmith Samuel LOUSCHER of

16 Apr 1702
H. Rodolff MARIN, der Blasser
Anna Elisabeth LOUPSCHER
Hans Rodolff
T. H. Rodolff ROENNER, Scriba
H. Rodolff HEUWER
Barbara GOTTIER des Michel ORRICHS des Brueggknechts Fr.

On the 16 Apr 1702 was christened Hans Rodolff, the son of Rodolff MARIN, the Blasser (I do not know what it is) and wife Anna Elisabeth LOUPSCHER. Witnesses are Hans Rodolff ROENNER, the scribe,
Rodolff HEUWER, Barbara GOTTIER the wife of the laborer Michel ORRICHS.

Family History

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