Mary Josephine Camber

Mary Josephine Camber's origin is a mystery.  This author feels that she probably descended from a Frank Camber, who lived in western Alabama (and later in Kemper Co, MS) during the time period she would have been born.  Naming in the family is consistent with there having been a "Frank" in the family's immediate past history.  But I have not been able to find anything to substantiate this theory.

Although her cemetery marker reads she died at 94 years of age and her death certificate reads she was born "about the year of 1825" in Greene Co, AL, those dates are not consistent with her early census records and the age of her first husband.  1850 & 1860 censuses indicate she was born about 1833. 

There is an unexplainable birth date on the Confederate soldier burial record card for her first husband, James Boler, at the Mississippi Archives.  It lists his birth date as March 18, 1830.  His father's Bible lists his birth date as October 12, 1831.  The birth date on the card is listed directly under the "next of kin" section which indicates Mary J. Boler, Enondale, MS.  Could she have misunderstood the question and given them her birth date instead of his?  It is probably a question we will never have an answer for.

Mary Josephine Camber married James Boler, son of Wesley Boler of Union MS, in late 1848 or early 1849.  The family was living in Newton Co, MS when the 1850 census enumeration was taken.  Living in their household was also a 16 year old William (born Alabama) who was most probably a Camber, rather than a Boler as shown.  By 1860 the family had removed, with James Boler's brother William Riden Boler, to Scott County, MS, where James Boler was working as a plantation overseer.

The Civil War brought catastrophe to the Boler family.  James Boler was killed in the Siege of Vicksburg.  Little is known about the family's history following that time.  We know that Mary Josephine Camber had a short marriage to a Mr. Frank Pierce, who is reported to have walked out one day and never come back.  The family removed to Kemper County where they spent their remaining years.  This author does not know whether the Kemper move was before or after the marriage to Mr. Pierce.  It is known that the family was living in Kemper County as early as 1868, since Mary Virginia Boler (daughter of James Boler & Mary Josephine Camber) lists an 1868 Kemper County marriage location on her Confederate Pension application. 

Mary J. Pierce's Enondale Cemetery marker is a very small metal plate attached to a square section of concrete.  Next to her is her son Frank L. Boler, who has a similar marker.  Many of her other children are buried in the same cemetery.

Alma Seale Clay detailed some of the early family history in her Aug. 12, 1981 letter to Ruth Mills:  "You wanted to know about your Grand Mother.  I don't know too much to write you.  My Grand Mother was Mary Josephine Camber.  Married James Hilry Boler.  They had 6 children - 2 boys and 4 girls.  The boys were James Hilry Boler & Franklin Lee Boler.  The girls were Fannie (my mother) she married James Thomas Seale.  Aunt Jennie married a Crenshaw.  Married when she was 13 years old.  Aunt Angie married a Smith moved to Columbia La.  She's dead and we don't hear from any of the children.  Aunt Willie married a Harrington and he died and then married a Mr. Henry Knight.  Grandma Boler's husband got killed in Civil War buried at Vicksburg then she married a Pierce.  They didn't live together long & separated.  I don't know any thing about the Crenshaw's only your Dad, Virtis, Ples and Billie." 


A wonderful story was relayed to me by my Mother.  Mary Virginia Boler moved to Neshoba County shortly after her marriage and lost track of her family.  In her adult life she learned of her sister, Fannie Boler Seale, who was living in nearby Kemper County.  The photo to the left is one of their reunion.  Fannie Boler Seale is pictured on the left side of the picture.  Mary Virginia Boler Crenshaw is pictured to the right.  Fannie is buried in the Seale Family Cemetery in Kemper Co, MS.  Her sister Jenny Crenshaw is buried at Neshoba Cemetery in Neshoba Co, MS.

Descendants of Mary Josephine Camber

MARY JOSEPHINE CAMBER born about 1833 in Greene Co, AL, and died May 27, 1917 in Enondale, Kemper Co, MS. She married (1) JAMES BOLER Abt. 1849, son of WESLEY BOLER and ELIZA WALTON. He was born October 12, 1831 in Hinds Co, MS, and died July 01, 1863 in Vicksburg, Warren County, MS. She married (2) FRANK PIERCE .  Mary Josephine is buried in Enondale Cemetery, Kemper Co, MS.  James Boler is buried in a Confederate Cemetery in Vicksburg, MS.  Nothing further is known regarding Frank Pierce.

1850 Newton Co, MS Census, #326-326
1860 Scott Co, MS Census, Morton PO, p. 096, #642-642

Children of Mary Josephine Camber and James Boler are:

i. BARNABAS BOLER, b. October 1849, Newton Co, MS; d. before 1860, probably in Scott or Newton Co, MS.

ii. ELIZABETH BOLER, b. 1851 - 1852 in Newton or Scott Co, MS.

iii. MARY VIRGINIA BOLER, b. September 15, 1854, Scott County, MS; d. October 22, 1933, Neshoba, Neshoba Co, MS; m. ANEL DARVEL CRENSHAW, 1868, Kemper Co, MS; b. June 05, 1843, Kemper Co, MS; d. October 12, 1909, Neshoba, Neshoba Co, MS.  Both are buried in Neshoba Cemetery, Neshoba Co, MS.

1870 Neshoba Co, MS Census
1877 - October 13, joined New Hope (Neshoba Baptist) Church
1879 - July 29 - Received for Baptism New Hope (Neshoba Baptist) Church
1880 Neshoba Co, MS Census, ED 60, p. 22 #154, Supv District 2, Beat 4 #154-154
1900 Neshoba Co, MS Census, 227, Beat 4
1910 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Beat 4, #116-118
1920 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Beat 4, Dixon/Waldo #31-33
1930 - Enumerated in the Neshoba Co, MS household of her son Vertis I. Crenshaw

iv. WILLIE ANN BOLER, b. December 10, 1856, Scott Co, MS; d. November 13, 1923, Kemper Co, MS; m. (1) WILLIAM THOMAS HARRINGTON on February 15, 1881 in Newton Co, MS.  He was  born about 1857 in Mississippi; m. (2) HENRY C. KNIGHT, about 1897.  He was born July 1841 in Alabama and died in Kemper Co, MS.  Willie Ann and Henry C. Knight are buried in Enondale Cemetery, Kemper Co, MS.

1900 Kemper Co, MS Census, Beat 2, Oak Grove, Vol 25, No. 4, Sheet 12, Line 91
1910 Kemper Co, MS Census, Beat 2, ED 27, Sheet 23B, 68-69
1920 Kemper Co, MS Census, Beat 2, Township 9, Oak Grove, #178-178

(Pictured to the Right:  Willie Ann Boler & her 2nd husband Henry C. Knight)

v. FANNIE BOLER, b. November 21, 1858, Scott Co, MS; d. July 10, 1944, Lauderdale Co, MS; m. JAMES THOMAS SEALE, April 27, 1881, Lauderdale Co, MS; b. April 27, 1856, Mississippi; d. March 19, 1928.  Fannie and James T. Seale are buried in the Seale Family Cemetery, Kemper Co, MS.

1900 Kemper Co, MS Census, Beat 2, Township 9, Oak Grove, #59-59
1910 Kemper Co, MS Census, Beat 2, ED 27 Sheet 24A #72-73

vi. JAMES HILRY BOLER, b. June 14, 1860, Scott Co, MS; d. June 17, 1890, Kemper Co, MS; m. RODIE; b. December 21, 1867; d. March 08, 1936, Kemper Co, MS.  Both are buried in Enondale Cemetery, Kemper Co, MS.

vii. FRANKLIN LEE BOLER, b. January 04, 1862, Mississippi; d. October 1917, Kemper Co, MS.  He is buried next to his mother in Enondale Cemetery, Neshoba Co, MS.

1910 Kemper Co, MS Census Beat 2, ED 27, Sheet 23B #67-68

viii. ANGIE BOLER, d. Columbia, LA; m. UNKNOWN SMITH.

Camber Records

Kemper Co, MS 1846 Personal Tax Rolls:  Franklin Camber

1850 Sumter Co, AL Census $1075 Lewis Houston 40 NC, Pernetta 35 TN, Jesse C. 14 AL, John J. 12 AL, Erastus L 10 AL, Ophelia J 8 AL, Alex. H 5 AL, Eugene 3 AL, Robert M. 1 AL, Serena Camber 20 AL

Sumter Co, AL Will Book 1 April 29, 1847 Will of Spilsby Coleman was witnessed by Francis Camber

Sumter Co, AL Marriage of James Folly & Emaline Chunn, 21 November 1844, Henry Camber, bondsman

Sumter Co, AL Marriage January 6, 1845, John A. Falls & Mary A. Camber. John A. Falls certifies that Mary Ann, daughter of Francis Camber is over 18.

1850 Sumter Co, AL Census #716 Jamima Estes 62 GA, Frederick Camber 23 AL

1850 Sumter Co, AL Census #666-678 Francis Camber 60 Germany, Catherine 58 AL, Joseph 30? AL, Francis 18 AL, Jacob Spidle 17 AL, George Camber 15 AL. Frederick Spidle 8 AL, Malinda Camber 20 AL 

1850 Sumter Co, AL Census #667-679 Henry Camber 29 AL

1870 Kemper Co, MS Census, Scooba PO, p. 314B, 1629-1629 Frank Pierce 50 VA, Julia 18 MS, Laura 3 MS,  Isabell 1 MS


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