Sumter Co, AL Records
Selected Families

Orphans' Minutes Book I - 1833 - 1839

24 August 1833 - p. 3
Estate of VINCENT ANDERSON, deceased
Alexander Anderson and Holland Jenkins granted letters of administration to settle the said estate, late of Sumter and Marengo County. John E. Anderson, William Bruton (Burton?), and David Warren appointed to appraise the property in Sumter County, and Anderson Holland, Thomas Anderson, and K. D. Hester to appraise the property in Marengo County. The household furniture and farm tools were appraised at $1, 373.00 - slaves and real estate not included. On 11 January 1834 Judge William G. Anderson decreed that real estate, slaves, and personal property be kept intact for the use of the widow Sarah (Jenkins) Anderson and her 5 small children: John Alexander, Melvira, Nancissa, Catina, and William Scarlett. Sarah (Jenkins) Anderson's mother, Susan Jenkins, lived with the family. She was born in Virginia 1761. The Census of 1850 shows her age as 89. She died on Christmas Day 1850. Buried at Boney Cemetery, Emelle, Alabama.

5 August 1834, p. 33
Estate of MASON ANDERSON, deceased
Anderson Holland, Holland Jenkins, appointed by Judge William G. Anderson as administrators of said estate. (Mason L. Anderson married Sina or Tina Donall (pronounced Darnell) in Marengo County, Alabama 19 September 1827.) Children mentioned in the settlement were Burbon Anderson, Amanda Anderson and Mary Anderson. (It is believed at the present that Mason L. Anderson and Vincent Anderson, whose estate is on page 64 of this volume, were brothers.)

17 July 1835 - p. 78
Heirs of MASON L. ANDERSON, Sina or Tina, the relict; Bourbon aged 6; Amanda aged 4; Mary aged 2. John Holland Jenkins and Alexander Anderson accepted as securities. Their mother was appointed guardian.

Orphans' Minute Book II -  July 1839 - 1841

30 August 1839, p. 16
Estate of RANDALL JACKSON, deceased
Hiram Jackson, as one next of kin, was appointed administrator of said estate. Elizabeth Jackson, relict of deceased. 20,000 bond was posted by Ephriam Jackson, Seaborn Jackson, and Richard Prince, securities. P. 33 - Price Williams was appointed guardian of John (R) Jackson, minor heir of William Jackson, deceased who was a son of Randall Jackson - see p. 165. 11 November 1841 we find Hiram Jackson had to post a new bond as Ephriam Jackson had died. Jacinth Jackson, James Green Coleman, Peter Jackson and Seaborn Jackson were securities. P. 246 shows all heirs had been paid except the heirs of Ephriam Jackson, deceased. Page 255 shows that James G. Coleman, stepson of John R. Jackson, was appointed his guardian. In 1841 it was stated in court that John R. was 8 years old.

23 February 1840, p. 71
Estate of ELIJAH JACKSON, deceased
The widow and two brothers relinquish right to be administrators of said estate in favor of Alexander Dallas who gave bond in sum of $11,000 with John C. Pharis and John T. Meadows, securities. William Melton, John Duke and James Duren appraisers.

6 February 1840, p. 76
Estate of ELIJAH JACKSON, deceased
The following without guardian: Rosanna 19, Mary Jane 13, John R. 9, Sarah C. 7, James M. 4, William E. 10 months. The widow Clarissa Jackson. The land was in T19, R1W. James Jackson, Robert G. Miller and John A. Nuffer to sell property.

11 March 1840, p. 88
Estate of EPHRIAM JACKSON, deceased
Rhoda Jackson, relict, and Seaborn Jackson, brother of deceased appointed administrators of estate and made bond for $24,000 with Hiram Jackson, Reuben Davidson, bondsmen.

10 April 1840, p. 91
James Knox appointed guardian of John McConnell, deceased, he made bond for $5,000 with Robert F. Houston and Willis Crenshaw, securities. He was also guardian for Rosanna McConnell and of William McConnell ages 14, 12, 10 respectively.

Sumter Co, AL Early Voters Lists

Selected Family Names - Not a Complete Enumeration

First Elections - 3 March 1834


Albert G. Anderson - 1st Tax Collector

William G. Anderson - 1st Judge

Seborn Mimms

Nicholas J. Walton

Eleazer Houston

Car Chiles

Josiah Houston

Sumterville Poll List 1834

Drewry Jackson

Davis Person

William Holland

Joseph Duke

John Anderson

Benjamin Seaborn

William Anderson

J. Coleman

Jones Bluff Poll List 2 Oct. 1835

John Camron

Rodrick Camron

Peter Jackson

John C. Thomas

John Edwards

Samuel Dickerson

Hugh McMillan

William Miller

Peter Jackson

John McMillan

William Edwards

Ephriam Dickerson

S. A. Jackson

John C. Thomas

John Edwards

John Mcmill

R. Jackson

Hugh M. Miller

Thomas Anderson

Anderson Wilborn

William H. Miller

Eph Dickerson

Joe Miller

William S. Edwards

Chiles Mill - 4 April 1835

James Miller

Pleasant H. Anderson

John McMillan

Walter Chiles

Jameston Beat (Wiley Windham's House)

Moses Irby

William Irby

Milton Beat

Darling Seale

Alfred Anderson

David McMillan

George Clark

Hardy Abney

John C. Miller

Paynesville (Home of Thos. J. George)

James H. Cambers

Capt. Gholson's Beat

William Irby

Wiley Dickerson

Robert Dickerson

Pace's Store Beat - April 1835 Poll List

Teril Watley

Neal Wesley

Hansford Cherry

Gainesville Beat - 2 March 1835 Poll List

Anthony Houston

B. P. Brantley

William Mason

William Irby

Moses Irby

H. M. Edwards

Wiley P. Dickerson

Lewis Dickerson

Robert Dickerson

Patton's Hill Poll List - Fall 1834

Ephriam Jackson

Drewry Jackson

William Persons

B. W. Anderson

Peter Jackson

John Holland

William Holland

Randall Jackson

Pleasant May

Jonathon Anderson

Isaiah Coleman

Davis Foy

Terry Foy

Paul Knight

Charles Coleman

John Kennedy

Jack Anderson

Poll List March 1841

Selected Family Names - Not a Complete Enumeration

Livingston, Alabama
Robert Anderson
J. Brantley
Carr Chiles
Hiram Chiles
Willis Crenshaw
E. Houston
M.G. Houston
R. F. Houston
C. S. Jackson

Paynesville, Alabama
James Crenshaw
Hardy Eakes
John Harvel (?)
John Seales
Anthony Seales
Elizabeth Church (Beat 7)
John Avery
William Avery

E. P. Brantley

Township 20
Leroy H. Anderson
William Darnell
Thomas Darnell
Davis Foy
Terry Foy
Exum L. Holland
William Holland
Jordan Jackson
James Jackson
Seaborn Jackson
John R. Jackson
Samuel B. Jackson
John Jackson
David B. Jackson
Drury Jackson
William Jackson

Wesley Irby
Moses Irby
Hogan Irby
Wright Irby
John Houston
Lewis Houston

Washington Store
This election was held at the house of R. Waldrip. Washington's Store was between Old Gaston and the Mississippi State Line.
John Chaney
William Gulley
Belmont Beat
F. Kember
Henry A. Kember
Bluff Port Beat
Stephen Jackson
James Jackson

Tract Book Records

Selected Family Names - Not a Complete Enumeration


Green B. Chaney Section 20 1835

(Remainder to Zadock Brashier at Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek in 1830)

Daniel Green Section 33 1834


Willis Crenshaw Section 26 1835

Anderson Crenshaw Section 28 1835


Micajah Crenshaw Section 17 1835

Bluford Seale Section 21 1836

Ephriam Wilson Section 22 1835

Benjamin Lewis Section 24 1836


Drury McMillan Section 15 1835


Wm. J. Anderson Section 2 1836

James W. Greene Section 3 1836

Joseph A. Brunson Section 3 1850

Henley B. Webb Section 8 1835


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