Wright Family Cemetery

Virginia Beach, VA
Old Princess Anne County, VA

It was very hard to find.  After driving down the street twice I knew the choices were two:  (1) give up; or (2) stop and ask for directions.  Since there were real state signs on each vacant lot, I was really afraid that development had taken the family cemetery for which I was searching.  Fortune smiled as I came upon a man standing in his driveway unloading the trunk of his car.  My car came to a stop of its own volition.  And the gentleman I approached knew exactly the spot for which I was earching.  He indicated that I should go back and look for the black rail fence near a large house.  That was the path that led to the cemetery.  I retraced my previous path and still didn't find the fence for which I was looking.  Then, at the back of the cul-de-sac, I spotted a narrow grassy path into the woods, which ran between two new houses.  The path was separated from the houses on each side by a black iron fencing with a chain serving as a barrier to the entrance.  This must be the spot!  I parked the car and ventured down the narrow grassy pathway wishing I had brought boots, due to the muddy soil that the grass was hiding.  But I was of one mind to find the hidden plots.  When I reached the woods I saw no cemetery, just a dirt path leading back to another stretch of Shoveller to the right, and further into the woods to the left.  I proceeded left.  Down the path a distance and into the woods was the small family cemetery which remains hidden from any unknowing souls.  The pristine nature of the area had been disturbed somewhat by the close proximity of new housing construction on Shoveller's cul-de-sac.  But the cemetery can feel safer than most from the vandalism which has destroyed so many family plots, since it remains so hidden in the woods.  Here's hoping that the cul-de-sac's new occupants will respect its honor and the history of its people.  Cemetery Photographed May 15, 2004.




Lonnie Thomas Wright Sr.

May 16, 1951

September 18, 1998



Mary Eliza Cason

September 15, 1917

November 7, 2002



Dennis George Cason Sr.

May 5, 1920

May 1, 1993


(Edward?) Wright

???v 12, 19??

October 12, 1990

Can anyone help with identification of this individual?   Dirt has washed into the letters making some of them very hard to read.




Frank Thomas Wright Jr.

May 12, 1922

January 24, 1985



Lynwood Wright

June 4, 1926

November 1, 1976



Clara Lucille Mason

October 11, 1911

September 4, 1988


Marie Edna Wright

November 20, 1890

September 28, 1975

Marie was the wife of the Patriarch of this Wright family.  She was a Virginia native, as were her parents.

1930 Princess Anne Co, VA Census, Lynnhaven Magistrate District, ED 77-7 Supv Dist 14, Sheet 10b. #191-197


Sinclair Wright


586 Port CO TC

World War II

July 29, 1924

June 15, 195?




Winford Wright Sr.

April 4, 1928

December 11, 1974



Patrice K. Twillie

February 26, 1960

November 17, 1996



PFC William Burnett

1935 - 1965





Delorse H. Burnett

1940 - 1966



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