Williams Family Cemetery

Virginia Beach (formerly Princess Anne Co) VA

Virginia Beach City Public Schools is to be commended for saving the Williams family cemetery.  It sits just outside an indention in the chain link fence that separates Plaza Middle School and its athletic fields from heavily traveled South Lynnhaven Road.  The Williams family graves lie serenely under their shapely shade trees and reign over the busy daily activities of 21st century youth.  Plaza Middle Schools's running track brings its athletes into close proximity with the Virginia Beach of days past.  Could any of the youths passing be descended from the individuals lying nearby for time eternal?

The graves saved from destruction represent a tightly knit African American family.  The 1900 & 1910 Princess Anne County census reveals the fact that all the graves facing South Lynnhaven Road are a part of a single family.  James W. Williams and his wife Rosa, both Virginia natives whose parents were also born in Virginia, head the family.  They were married in 1894 - 1895 and were fortunate enough to lose no children to death by the time of the 1910 census enumeration.  Rosa had born 7 children in 1910 and all were still living.  Each of the individuals in the Plaza Middle School plot is either a child or their spouse.  James W. Williams was a Blacksmith by trade and lived as a rental tenant on what was then called Lynn Haven Road. 

Cemetery Photographed May 10, 2004.


James W Williams

1869 - 1940

James and Rosa Williams share a long single stone.

James W. Williams was born October 1869 in Virginia, as were both his parents.  He married Rosa.

1900 Princess Anne Co, VA Census, Seaboard District, ED 53, Sheet 3A, p. 92, #44-44, Blacksmith
1910 Princess Anne Co, VA Census, Seaboard District, Supv Dist 2, ED 81, Sheet 16B, #311-317, Lynn Haven Road, Blacksmith



Rosa L Williams

1873 - 1962


Rosa Williams was born in October 1873.  Both her parents were also born in Virginia.


Lawrence T Williams

1905 - 1957


Lawrence T Williams was a child of James W Williams and his wife Rosa L.


Edith H Johnson

1895 - 1942

Edith H Williams was born October 1895, a daughter of James W Williams and his wife Rosa L.



Alice D. Williams

1908 - 1928

Alice D Williams was a daughter of James W Williams and his wife Rosa L.


In Memory Of

Moses Williams

Nancy Williams

1891 - 1924

Moses Williams was born May 1898, a child of James W Williams and his wife Rosa.

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