Trinity Episcopal Church

Lower Manhattan
New York City

In the midst of the trappings of modern society sits an island of history in the form of Trinity Church. Spending eternity in its serene church yard are the remains of men and woman who shared a remarkable vision for our confederation of colonies. Travelers visiting Trinity's field of dreams cannot help but feel an enormous sense of awe as the 21st century fades into the past before their eyes.

Inscription on the Former Edifice Consecrated in 1790

Trinity Church was first founded in the Year 1696

enlarged and beautified in 1737

and entirely destroyed in the great

Conflagration of the City, Sept. 21st AD 1776

This Building was

erected on the Site of the former Churrh

in the Year 1788

Right Revd Samuel Provoost D.D. Rector

James Duane Esq J. John Jay Esq, Churchwardens


As the venerable church facade strives to reach the sky in the midst of its modern neighbors, the cemetery reaches out to the very heart of capitalism.  Time passes.  The stock market rises and falls.  A frightening era dawns which challenges the long established sense of safety we have felt on our shores.  Trinity's occupants remain in their eternal watch.











The Corporation of Trinity Church Has erected this
In Testimony of their Respect for
The PATRIOT OF incorruptible INTEGRITY
The SOLDIER of approved VALOUR
The STATESMAN of consummate WISDOM
will be Admired Grateful Posterity
Long after this MARBLE shall have
mouldered into DUST
He died July 12th 1804, Aged 47


Erected by the

New York State

Society of the Cincinnati

To the Memory of

Alexander Hamilton

1757 - 1804

Lieutenant Colonel - Aide de Camp to General Washington

And Those Other Officers of the Continental Army & Navy Original Members of the Society Whose Remains are Interred in the Churchyards of Trinity Parish:  Richard Montgomery (Major-General Cont Army), Silas Talbot (Captain Cont Navy), John Lamb (Colonel - Second Artillery), Aquila Giles (Lt.-Colonel A.D.C. to Gen St. Clair), Thomas Randall (Captain - Third Artillery), Abel Holden (Captain Sixth Regiment, Mass. Line), Charles McKnight (Surgeon General of Hospitals), Horatio Gates (Major-General Cont Army); James Nicholson (Captain, Cont Army), Marinus Willett (Lt. Colonel, Fifth Regiment, NY Line), E.M.B. de Rochefontaine (Captain - Engineers), Edward Dunscomb (Captain - Fourth Regiment N.Y. Line), John Pray (Captain, First Regiment, Mass Line), Cornelius Swartwout (Capt.-Lieutenant, Second Artillery), John Francis VacherSurgeon, Fourth Regiment, N.Y. Line)



Daughter of

Philip Schuyler

Widow of

Alexander Hamilton

Born at Albany

Aug. 9th 1757

Died at Washington

Nov. 9th 1854

Interred Here


John Watts

Born in the City of New York August 27, 1743 (O.S.) and died there September 3, 1836 (N.S.)

Last Royal Recorder of the City of New York 1774 - 1777.  No Records during the Revolution.  Speaker of Assembly of the State of New York January 5, 1791 - January 7, 1794.  Member of Congress 1793 - 1795.  First Judge of Westchester Co, 1806.  Founder and Endower of the Leake and Watts Orphan House in the City of New York.  One of the Founders and afterwards President of the New York Dispensary 1821 - 1836.

Robert Fulton 

Robert Fulton, the man credited with perfecting the steamboat, was buried in his wife's family vault in Trinity Churchyard in 1815.  The monument above was erected in 1901 by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.  He married Harriet Livingston at Trinity Church on January 7, 1808.

Captain James Lawrence

The HEROICK COMMANDER of the frigate Chesapeake, whose remains are here deposited expressed with his expiring breath his devotion to his Country.  Neither the fury of battle, the anguish of a mortal wound, nor the horrors of approaching death could subdue his gallant Spirit.  His dying words were "DON'T GIVE UP THE SHIP."



In Memory Of

Captain James Lawrence

of the United States Navy

Who fell on the 1st day of June 1813 in the 32nd year of his age in the action between the frigates Chesapeake and Shannon.  He was distinguished on various occasions but especially when commanding the Ship of War Hornet he captured and sunk his Britannick Majesty Sloop of War Peacock after a desperate action of fourteen minutes.  His bravery in action was equalled only by his modesty in triumph and his magnanimity to the vanquished.  In private life he was a Gentleman of the most generous and endearing qualities.  The whole nation mourned his loss and the Enemy contended with his Country men who should most honor his remains.

Julia Montaudevert, Widow of Captain James Lawrence

Born July 15th, 1788

Died September 15th, 1865

/Albert Gallatin

In Memory of
Albert Gallatin

Son of Inode Gallatin and of Sophia Albertina Bolaz m Bos(?) wife. He was born at Geneva in Europe 29th January 1761 landed in America 14th July 1780. Died Astoria New York 12th August 1849.

Deeply imbued with the bold and liberal spirit of the times, he came to America amidst the scenes of her Revolution and after very many years of service in Congress and in Executive offices of the highest trust at an advanced age he withdrew to private life and passed the remainder of his days in philosophic studies and literary pursuits and went down to the grave universally honored.


William Bradford

Here lies the Body of Mr. WILLIAM BRADFORD, Printer, who departed this Life May 23, 1752, Aged 92 Years.  He was born in Leicestershire in Old England in 1660 and came over to America in 1682, before the City of Philadelphia was laid out.  He was Printer to this government for upwards of 50 years and being quite worn out with Old age and Labour he left this mortal State in the lively Hopes of a blessed Immortality. Reader reflect how soon you'll quit this Stage.  You'll find but few atain to such an Age.  Life's full of Pain.  Lo here's a Place of Rest.  Here also lies the body Elizabeth wife to said William Bradford who departed this Life July 8 1731 aged 68 Years.  

Restored with the original inscription by the Vestry of Trinity Church May 1863.



Francis Lewis

Near this spot are interred the remains of Francis Lewis 1713 - 1803, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, Vestryman of Trinity Church

Erected by the Society of the Descendants of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence.  1947




Mary Dalzell

Here lies the Body of Mary wife of James Dalzell of this City who departed this Life March 20 1764 aged 28 Years 4 Months & 17. 



Here Lies

Deposited the Body

of James Leeson

Died 1794

Aged 38 Years


Fireman's Monument

Augustus L. Cowdrey (1845)
John B. O'Donnell (1854)
Col. Noah L. Farham (1861)
Lt. Timothy King (1862)
Sgt. William R. Finch (1863)
George W. Burridge (1864)




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