Thomas M. Jones
Family Cemetery

Virginia Beach, VA
(Old Princess Anne County)

This cemetery is in the southern portion of Back Bay not too far from the North Caroline State line.  It sits extremely far back from the road in a large field.  In the above picture you can see the distance from Princess Anne Road by the house in the distance.  About a quarter mile south of the house shown above, Princess Anne Road makes a hard right.  It is easier to reach the cemetery by making this turn and parking in the driveway of the house that sits across the highway at 256 Princess Anne Road.  There is a ditch filled with water that must be jumped.  And the cemetery is still quite a distance into the field.  But it is a manageable walk from this spot.  Based on the layout of the plot there are probably also unmarked graves.  Cemetery Photographed February 26, 2005.



Thomas M. Jones

Born March 30, 1815

March 20, 1899

1860 Princess Anne Co, VA Census, London Bridge PO, p. 600, #159-165, Farmer, Aged 45 b NC, Mana 35, Emily F 13, John W 11, Oscar A 9, Jerome B 7, Lydia A 5, Texana C. 3

1870 Princess Anne Co, VA Census, Pungo Township, Blossum Hill PO, #256-256, Aged 53 b NC, Wife appears to be deceased, John 22, Oscar 20, Jerome 15, Texanna 13



My Husband

Oscar A. Jones

Born January 29, 1850

Died April 24, 1907

Asleep in Jesus

1900 Princess Anne Co, VA Census, Pungo District, p. 60, Supv District 2, ED 51, #439-441, Living alone in the household, b January 1855 VA


A. H. Waterfield

Although the details of the tombstone are impossible to read and require another trip out, this appears to be Albert Waterfield who was born December 1856 VA and died between 1900 - 1910.  Can anyone help with details on this family?

1900 Princess Anne Co, VA Census, Pungo District, p. 67, Supv District 2, ED 51, Sheet 29A, #583-586, Born Dec 1856 VA, Mary E Jan 1847, Ella E Nov 1894, alice Dec 1898

Mary Waterfield

Born 1856

Died 1932

Aged 86 Years

This is also a tough one to read.  I believe there are additional details.  There is definitely more to the name, either a middle or maiden name, that is not readable.  The name and dates fit Mary, widow of Albert Waterfield.  Following the death of her husband she made her home with her sons Charles W. and is enumerated on his 1910 - 1930 census records.  The fact that she was still living in 1930 validates the death date above.  On her earlier census records she was shown to be 10 years older than her husband.  The 1900 census lists her birth date as January 1847.  That date fits the math of aged 86 on her tombstone, which doesn't compute with an 1856 birth date.  Her family also gave the later birth date to the 1930 census enumerator.  Was Mary Waterfield related to the Jones family?  If not, why were she and her husband buried in this spot?  Does anyone have more details on this family?


The picture on the left was taken when I had walked about half the distance through the field to the cemetery from Princess Anne Road after parking at 256 Princess Anne Road.  This gives you some idea of the distance into the field that the cemetery lies.  This is the shortest route to the plot from the highway.

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