Smith Family Cemetery

Virginia Beach, VA
Old Princess Anne County

I had just learned of the cemetery at a luncheon.  It would be one that was easy to locate, so I was anxious to visit that day.  A quick trip home to shed my suit and heels;  pick up my digital camera;  and I was off!.  The instructions were simple.  Take North Lynnhaven Road until it reached the stoplight at Kings Grant Road and proceed just to the left.  The cemetery would be quite visible.  But I was stopped at the described intersection and saw absolutely nothing that resembled a cemetery down the road to the left.  Deciding to give the intersection a full rotation scan while I was stopped, I was surprised to see the cemetery sitting just outside my right passenger window.  A quick u-turn on the next street, to avoid the ire of my fellow motorists, and the cemetery was at hand.  It actually sits just before the intersection of North Lynnhaven and Kings Grant Road on the northeast corner, separated by a small fence from its nearby neighbors.  Everyone who stops at the traffic light on the heavily traveled road can bring greetings to its occupants.  It is well kept, reportedly by its new neighbors, who most probably are not descendants.  Cemetery Photographed May 15, 2004.



R. L. Smith

Born 1882





Our Son John J. Smith

January 18, 1911

July 18, 1947





Katherine Turner Smith

1905 - 1928





Herbert Elmo Hogge Sr.

July 18, 1899

February 2, 1949






Madeline Smith Hogge

July 20, 1900

March 31, 1989






Mildred S. Parker

1918 - 1959




George D. McLeod

January 25, 1862

October 16, 1955

Mary B. McLeod

January 18, 1875

July 23, 1936




George E. Smith

1879 - 1964

At Rest

George E. Smith was a son of John J. and Nancy Elizabeth Smith.  The 1880 census shows him to be 11/12 age born in the month of July.




Mary M. Smith

1882 - 1961

At Rest






Nancy Elizabeth Smith

Born November 28, 1858

Died November 27, 1910

In Memoriam Woodmen Circle

Nancy Elizabeth was the wife of John J. Smith.  She was born in Virginia as were both of her parents.




John J. Smith

Born October 14, 1852

Died January 4, 1906

1880 Princess Anne Co, VA Census, Seaboard District, Supv. Dist 1, ED 95, Farmer, #47-48, Age 27, born VA as were both his parents, Wife Nancy E. aged 21 born VA as were both her parents. 



Willie A. Smith

Born March 26, 187(5?)

Died January 27, 1895

William A. Smith was the oldest child of John J. Smith and his wife Nancy E.  The last number of his birth year is not readable on the tombstone.  His age on the 1880 Princess Anne Co, VA Census is 5, which would be consistent with a March 1875 birth.




Arnold R. Smith

1884 - 1925





Kathryn Elizabeth

daughter of A R & A S Smith

April 5, 1912

May 1, 1920




William Arnold Smith

Son of A R & A S Smith

Born & Died April 26, 1921





Alice Diggs Smith

1887 - 1925





Lee J. Pappas

August 25, 1918 - July 28, 1982

Elsie V. Pappas

March 7, 1922 - Nov 30, 1993



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