Reid's Family Cemetery

Virginia Beach
(formerly Princess Anne Co, VA)

The neatly kept African American family cemetery is located on Holland Road, just north of the Piney Grove Baptist Church Cemetery.  It is surrounded by a wooded area, and kept safe by a modern chain link fence.  There is an unlocked gate with a well manicured entrance.  There is no place to park one's car to allow easy access to the cemetery.  The only spot I found to park was in the far north edge of the Piney Grove Church Cemetery acreage.  One must then risk one's life, with the heavy Holland Road traffic, to navigate the distance to the entrance to Reid's Family Cemetery.  There is a steep ditch that requires one to either walk in the woods or in the edge of the heavily traveled road.  After trodding through the undergrowth to obtain access, I found it best to navigate the return trip by waiting for a lull in traffic then running wildly down the asphalt edge of the road to my car.  I feel grateful to have managed the adventure unscathed.  Cemetery Photographed September 5, 2004.



James Monroe Reid



July 23, 1909

January 20, 1957





Thelma V. Reid

June 12, 1911

August 31, 1992




Arones Vernon Reid

PFC 24 Inf 25 Inf Div

Dec. 16, 1929

July 26, 1950















Linwood O. Reid

1904 - 1956

Morning Glory Funeral Home





Beatrice Hawkins

1904 - 1974

Earnest Hawkins

1900 - 1964































Hugh O. Reid

August 3, 1913

February 25, 1991






Hugh Reid

August 9, 1913

February 25, 1991






Hu(go-ew?) Reid

January 1933

July 23, 1994






Linwood Reid

March 20, 1942

(May?) 5, 1997



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