Prospect Hill Cemetery
Washington, DC

Prospect Hill Cemetery was established in 1858 by the German Evangelical Church Society of the United Evangelical Concordia Church.  It was incorporated by an Act of Congress in 1860.  Currently the cemetery is a non-denominational cemetery open to anyone who chooses it as their final resting place.  It is located at 2201 N Capitol Street NE in our nation's capitol.  Photo's are courtesy of Richard & Pat Marshall.


John G. Reisinger

1840 - 1903

His Wife, Dorothea W. Reisinger

1853 - 1916

Mary E. Reisinger

1872 - 1952

Johannes George Reisinger was born September 12, 1839 in Wembach, Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt.  He was the son of Johann Georg Reisinger and his second wife Marianne Beilstein.  He emigrated to the United States in 1852, arriving at the Port of Baltimore on the Ship Johannes.  He married (1)  Anna Dorothea Reiter on November 5, 1861 in Washington, DC.  He married (2) Wilhelmine Dorothea Sophie Wachsmuth on February 5, 1871 in Washington, DC.   He died March 20, 1903 in Rockville, Montgomery Co, MD.

Wilhelmine Dorothea Sophie Wachsmuth was born October 11, 1853 in Zellerfield, Hanover, Germany.  She was the daughter of Christian Wachsmuth and his wife Elise Bonitz.  She died August 23, 1916 in Middletown, Orange Co, NY.

Mary E. Reisinger, the oldest daughter of Johannes George Reisinger and his second wife Wilhelmine Dorothea Sophie Wachsmuth, was born March 5, 1872 in Washington, DC and died July 11, 1952 in Washington, DC.

1860 - Enumerated in the Washington, DC household of J Aigler, Confectioner
1870 Washington, DC Census, 7th Ward, p. 389, #1634-1815, Confectioner
1880 Washington, DC Census, p. 143B, Confectioner, 235 G Street NW, #50-66
1890 Washington, DC City Directory, Confectioner, 607 Center Market 235 G NW
1891 Washington, DC City Directory, Confectionery, 709 3d NW, 235 G NW, 72 Western, & 607 Center Mkts
1900 Montgomery Co, MD Census, Rockville, Supv District 4, ED 54, p. 93, Sheet 2-A, 23-24

Evangelisch Kirch Rohrbach
Seite 683, Jahr 1839
Translation: Page 683, year 1839
On the 12 Sep 1839 was born at 2 o clock in the morning according to the declaration of Goerg REISINGER, a Lutheran resident of the affiliate Wembach, to him and his second wife Mariann, nee BEILSTEIN, the sixth child, the forth son and he was christened on the 22 of the same month and received the given name Johannes.
Witness is:  Johannes BERT a resident in Wembach who signed the document together with the father and me, the minister.

Baltimore Passenger and Immigration Lists Volume 2, 1851-1872
Passenger: Johannes Reisinger
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Place of Origin: Wembach
Place of Destination: Baltimore
Ship Name: Johannes
Ship Type: Ship
Port of Departure: Bremen
Port of Arrival: Baltimore
Date of Arrival: 6/7/1853
Nat'l Archive Series No.: 9
Microfilm Number: M255
List Number: 30

Name: John Reisinger
Company: A
Unit: 8 Battalion D. C. Mil. Inf.
Rank - Induction: Private
Rank - Discharge: Private
Allegiance: Union

John G. Reisinger
Confectionery and Ice Cream Saloon
235 G Street N. W.
Among the enterprises which contribute to the business interest of Washington is the bakery, confectionery, and ice cream establishment of John G. Reisinger, located at 235 G Street. This business was originally established on 4 1/2 street in 1961 and at the present location in 1876, and although commencing in a small and modest manner, it has now reached fine proportions. The premises occupied are well arranged for conducting this business and elegantly furnished, being 20 X 100 feet in dimensions. All kinds of bread, cake, confectionery, and ice cream are manufactured and sold at wholesale and retail. Parties, balls, weddings, soirees, receptions, and other entertainments furnished at the shortest notice and on the most reasonable terms. Mr. Reisinger was born and educated in Germany and has been a resident of Washington about 30 years. His fine business and business place must be a source of gratification to him. His success being the result of his industrious habits and progressive ideas. (Historical and Commercial Sketches of Washington and Environs -- Its Prominent Places and People (page 176), 1884)

John A. Rawlins Post, No. 1
Washington, D.C., March 21, 1903
This Post is notified of the death on the 20th instant, of Comrade John G. Reisinger, late of Company "A" 8th Battalion, D. C. Vols. Funeral services, which comrades are requested to attend, will be held at his late home, 235 G street northwest on Sunday 22d instant at 2:30 pm; thence to Trinity Lutheran Church, 4th and E streets northwest. Interment at Prospect Hill cemetery. Luke Kelly, Post Commander, J. A. Allen Adjutant


Anna Dorothea Reisinger

11 Octob 1840

29 Juli 1870

Durchs Kreuz
o welche
wonne kuhat-ohne

Anna Dorothea Reiter, a native of Hesse-Darmstadt, was the first wife of Johannes George Reisinger.  They married November 5, 1861 in Washington, DC.


Charles Henry Reisinger

1875 - 1905

Anna S. Reisinger

1878 - 1976

Charlotte L. B. Reisinger

1874 - 1963

Charles Henry Reisinger was the oldest son of Johannes George Reisinger and his second wife Wilhelmine Dorothea Sophie Wachsmuth.  He was born August 7, 1875 in Washington, DC and died of tuberculosis in Denver, CO on October 21, 1905.  He married Anna Barbara Margaret Schmidtman.

The Washington Post, October 25, 1905
REISINGER - On Saturday, October 21, 1905, at Denver, Col., Charles H. Reisinger, beloved husband of Anna Reisinger (nee Schmidtman) and son of Dora and the late John G. Reisinger, in his thirty-first year. Funeral from his late residence, 235 G street northwest, Wednesday, October 25, at 2 p.m.; thence to Trinity Lutheran Church, Fourth and E streets northwest. Interment at Prospect Hill Cemetery.

Anna Barbara Margaret Schmidtman, daughter of Hermann H. Schmidtmann and his wife Sabine Stohlman, was born June 5, 1878 in Washington, DC and died June 19, 1976 in Baltimore, MD.

Charlotte L. B. Reisinger was a daughter of Johannes George Reisinger and his second wife Wilhelmine Dorothea Sophie Wachsmuth.  She was born May 8, 1874 in Washington, DC and died June 6, 1963 in Falls Church, VA.

1920 Washington, DC Census, ED 214, Sheet 13B, 56 Randolph Place
1930 Washington, DC Census, ED 389, Supv District 1, Precinct 14, Tract 2, p. 20A, #160-166


Mary Louise Miller

William J. H. Miller

January 7, 1887

March 24, 1857

Phillip A. Miller

October 28, 1892

December 9, 1959

Mary Louise Reisinger was the oldest daughter of Johannes George Reisinger and his first wife Anna Dorothea Reiter.  she was born May 6, 1864 in Washington, DC and died August 2, 1948 in Washington, DC.  She married (1) William H. Miller;  (2) Joseph Miller.

William J. H. Miller was the oldest son of Mary Louise Reisinger and her husband William H. Miller.

Phillip A. Reisinger was the second son of Mary Louise Reisinger and her husband William H. Miller.




Margaretha Reisinger

Margaret Reisinger was born about 1850 in Maryland and died March 15, 1897 in Washington, DC.  She was the first wife of Jacob H. Reisinger.



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