Lauderdale Co, MS:  Pleasant Ridge Methodist Church Cemetery is located adjacent to the church. The location is about two miles north of the Collinsville Community off Highway 19 on Pleasant Ridge Road. Cemetery photographed 19 April 2006.

Albert A. Crenshaw

October 2, 1886
July 10, 1957

Ida L. Crenshaw

January 4, 1893
May 4, 1966

Albert A. Crenshaw was a son of Bluford C. Crenshaw and his wife Sarilla Jane Caldwell.

1920 Lauderdale Co, MS Census, Daleville, Beat 3, 5-58 Sheet 15B, 260, Farmer
1930 Lauderdale Co, MS Census, Beat 3, p. 157, ED 38-28, Sheet 14A, #265-273, Farmer



Ulna Frank Crenshaw

February 7, 1915

August 22, 1925

Ulna Frank Crenshaw was a daughter of Albert A. Crenshaw and his wife Ida L.



Wife of

J. T. Hamrick

Born June 18, 1876
Died Sept 24, 1903

Fold her O Father in Thine arms
and let her henceforth be
a missionary of love between
our human hearts and Thee.



Joseph T. Hamrick

Born July 27, 1873

Died March 1, 1907



Jimmie L. Miles

February 27, 1907

October 6, 1935

Gone But Not Forgotten


Blufard C. Crenshaw

August 5, 1857
February 28, 1936


Sarilla J. Crenshaw

December 14, 1860
September 15, 1936

Gone But Not Forgotten

Bluford C. Crenshaw was a son of Thomas Crenshaw and his wife Harriete Ivy.  He married Sarilla Jane Caldwell December 6, 1880 in Lauderdale Co, MS.  She was a daughter of Joseph D. Caldwell and his wife Cynthia Reid.

1900 Lauderdale Co, MS Census, Beat 3, p. 224, Supv Dist 5, ED 24, Sheet 13a, #224-224, Farming
1910 Lauderdale Co, MS Census, Beat 3, p. 228, Supv. Dist 5, ED 56, Sheet 11a, #128-129
1930 Lauderdale Co, MS Census, Beat 3, p. 151, ED 38-23 Sheet 8B, Supv Dist 9, 152-158, Wild Oat Road, farmer


Lillie Crenshaw

March 4, 1888

August 9, 1971

Lillie Crenshaw was a daughter of Bluford C. Crenshaw and his wife Sarilla Jane Caldwell.


Minnie V. Crenshaw

January 27, 1891

September 14, 1976

Minnie V. Crenshaw was a daughter of Bluford C. Crenshaw and his wife Sarilla Jane Caldwell.


Janie Crenshaw

May 28, 1893

December 31, 1987

Janie Crenshaw was a daughter of Bluford C. Crenshaw and his wife Sarilla Jane Caldwell.

Elvin M. Pool Sr.

November 11, 1914

February 28, 1987

Viola Pryor Pool

October 12, 1910

March 5, 1991

The Lord Is My Shepherd


Edmond Eugene Crenshaw

February 11, 1883 - July 3, 1959


Mary Ola Crenshaw

June 9, 1897 - September 22, 1972

Gone But Not Forgotten

Edmond Eugene Crenshaw was a son of Bluford C. Crenshaw and his wife Sarilla Jane Caldwell.  He married Mary Ola Keen.

1920 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Beat 3, House Voting District, Mogalusha, #40-43
1930 Newton Co, MS Census, Beat 3, ED 51-12 Sheet 11A, Supv Dist 9, p. 116, 215-218, Farmer


J. C. (Pete) Crenshaw

1889 - 1971

Minnie L. Crenshaw

1900 - 1954

John C. "Pete" Crenshaw was a son of Bluford C. Crenshaw and his wife Sarilla Jane Caldwell.  He married Minnie Lee Keen about 1926.

1930 Lauderdale Co, MS Census, Beat 3, 38-23 Sheet 6B, Supv Dist 9, #117-122, Farmer


T. O. Crenshaw

August 12, 1919 - May 19, 1997


Jewel Crenshaw

December 30, 1923 - March 13, 1994

Thurman Odell Crenshaw was a son of Edmond Eugene Crenshaw and his wife Mary Viola Keen.


Donnie Lee Cross

May 1, 1932

February 19, 1933


Donnie Jean Cross

February 22, 1930

March 30, 1931

Reuben W. Dollar

July 6, 1854

September 6, 1899

Mary Susan Dollar

March 27, 1853

November 16, 1915

I first find Reuben Dollar on the 1880 Lauderdale Co, MS, living in the Daleville area of Beat 3.  The head of household is a widow, Louisa Dollar, aged 49 years old and born in Tennessee.  Four children are enumerated with her in the household, all born in Mississippi:  Reuben, John, Margaret and Cornelius.  They each indicate that their father was born in Georgia.

Further information on this Dollar family comes from Pam Parrish., a descendant of Louisa Dollar's daughter Mary Ellen Dollar Sessions. Pam writes, "Mary Ellen was the daughter of Louisa and Cornelius Dollar.  Cornelius Dollar died during the Civil War.  He is buried at Durant, Mississippi in a cemetery at the old Castilian Springs Hotel site.  The hotel was used as a hospital during the Civil War.  Cornelius died of dysentery.  He was a private in Company I, 20th Mississippi Infantry.  Louisa filed for his pay in 1863.  Elizabeth Dollar, mother of Cornelius, witnessed the paper when Louisa filed.

Cornelius Dollar was the son of Reuben and Elizabeth Dollar.  Reuben Dollar and his daughter, Mary, died of typhoid fever in 1859.  Elizabeth Dollar was still living in 1880.   Yes, this is the Reuben Dolar who was the son of the Revolutionary Soldier, Reuben Dollar.  Reuben was a brother to Ambrose who married the Clearman.

Cornelius and Louisa had three daughters.  Two of the daughters are my great-grandmothers.  Mary Ellen Dollar married Joseph Wesley Sessions of Newton County, MS.  Margaret L. Dollar married Nathan A. Mott of Lauderdale County.  The daughter of Margaret and Nathan Mott, Minnie Lee Mott, married Patrick Henry Sessions.  Patrick Henry was the son of Mary Ellen Dollar Sessions and Joseph Wesley Sessions.  Due to the death of Cornelius Dollar, his two daughters lived in different counties.  Their children did not know each other.  Minnie and Pat met and fell in love.  They were then told that they were first cousins.  Margaret Dollar Mott resisted their marriage until her death.  When she died my grandparents married.  Mary Ellen Dollar Sessions and her husband had moved to Scott County, MS.  Thus the distance kept the families apart."



James William Todd

Born June 20, 1839

Died February 22, 1890



George W. Duncan

March 15, 1858

December 28, 1915




Jessie A. Loper

June 11, 1848

October 18, 1921

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