Old Indian Cemetery

West Brookfield, Worcester Co, MA

It is an ancient place.  When one steps onto the soil of Old Indian Cemetery a sudden feeling of reverence compels one to whisper, in order to preserve the peace of its inhabitants.  At a glance it is certain that there have not been burials in Old Indian Cemetery for centuries.  Final resting place of 16 veterans of the French and Indian Wars and 11 Revolutionary soldiers, the cemetery speaks to an earlier time when our country was an infant, and even before - to the time when our forefathers first began to move west from their coastal landing sites.  Walking the cemetery brings a curiosity about the individuals who lie below the stately pines in what must be many unmarked graves.  Time has worn its unforgiving hand into the tombstones that remain.  Many are no longer readable.  Some have been stripped of the layer which originally held its inhabitant's inscription.

It was almost a given that the cemetery would look down upon a beautiful body of water.  Closing one's eyes to the 21st century and allowing the past to slip in, one can picture a canoe gliding quietly along the edge of the water - attempting to hide its riders from settlers preparing for Indian attack.  The Haymakers' Monument, commemorating the last Indian attack on the town, sits at the back of the cemetery to remind the current age of events that shaped the future of its inhabitants.

It was hard to leave the cemetery.  Although a long drive lay ahead, the desire to linger was almost insurmountable.  A feeling of unity with Old Indian Cemetery's inhabitants made the newly discovered burial ground feel like a cherished old friend. 



Old Indian Cemetery

Among the noted persons interred here is Colonel Jedediah Foster Esq., a Representative to the Massachusetts Legislature, and a creator of the Commonwealth's Constitution.  He is buried in the enclosed family plot to the right of center toward the back.  Also see the monument, located in the left back corner area, which is dedicated to the five local men ambushed while gathering hay in 1710 during the "French and Indian War."

West Brookfield Historical Commission    -    October 2000

In memory of our Organizing Regent, Mrs. Minnie S. Ballou, the Jedediah Foster Chapter NSDAR, honors Soldiers and Patriots of the American Revolution buried in this ancient place, known as the Old Indian Cemetery.


Abijah Cutler



Joseph Cutler



Jedediah Foster



Aaron Gilbert



John Gilbert



Loring Lincoln



Jacob Kent



Josiah Newton


1958  -  Jedediah Foster Chapter NSDAR  -  1994




Haymakers' Monument

In Memory Of

Ebenezer Hayward
Stephen Jennings
Joseph Kellogg
John Grosvenor
John White

Killed by Indians July 20, 1710

Erected by the Town 1912


In Memory Of

Mr. Cornelius White

who departed

this life 8th Nov 1800

in the 90

year of his


Cornelius White was born January 29, 1710/11 in Brookfield, Worcester Co, MA, the son of John White and his wife Prudence Hayward.  He never knew his father, having been born 6 months after John White was killed in a hay field by Indians.  He married Hannah Gilbert on March 4, 1735/36 in Brookfield, Worcester Co, MA.

Last French & Indian War, September 20 - November 24, 1756 Muster Roll of Capt. Obadiah Colley - Sergt. Cornelius White, Brookfield
1790 Worcester Co, MA Census, Brookfield, p. 215




Hannah Gilbert White

Hannah Gilbert was born November 19, 1713 in Brookfield, Worcester Co, MA.  She married Cornelius White on March 4, 1735/36 in Brookfield, Worcester Co, MA.  She died July 19, 1787 in Brookfield, Worcester Co, MA.


The Hon.

 Jedediah Foster Esq

one of the Judges of the

 Supr Court of Massachusetts

 died 10-17-1779 AE 53

The Boast of Heraldry, the Pomp of Power
And all that Wisdom, all that wealth can give
Await alike the inevitable hour
The Paths of Glory lead but to the Grave.


In Memory Of

Mrs. Dorothy Foster

Widow of

Hon. Jedediah Foster

She was born in Brookfield

Nov. 13, 1729 O. S.

and died (???)

Aged (???)




This tombstone is located

in the family plot of

Hon. Jedediah Foster

Can anyone identify the

individual to whom this

marker belongs?



In Memory Of

Charles Gilbert

Who Died

March 19th 1805



In Memory Of

Mr. Nathaniel Gilbert


In Memory of Mr. Aaron Gilbert

Who Died April 18 1808 Age 58 Years

In Memory of Mrs. Mary Gilbert

 wife of Aaron Gilbert

Who Died Febr 25 1816 Age 69 Years



In Memory Of

Mr. John Gilbert

of Brookfield

 who died Jan 13th 1806

 In his 83d Year


In Memory Of

Alden Gilbert

Son of Mr. Jonas Gilbert & Mrs. Viola his wife

who died July 8, 1796

Age 5 years


In Memory Of The Honorable

 Diederik Leertouwer Esq

late Consul of their high mightinesses,

the States General of the United Netherlands

for the States of Massachusetts and New Hampshire

who departed this life

August 24, 1798 AE 38 years.

Death! great proprietor of all,
thy powerful sway destroys alike
the old, the young, the grave and gay



In Memory Of

 Capt Loring Lincoln

 who died Nov 23, 1786

 in the 41st year of his age.

Adieu my spouse my children dear
I leave this world of pain
Let virtue be your practice here




In Memory Of

Miss Catherine Dor(h?)

Daughter of Joseph Dor(h?)

who died August 1806



In Memory Of

Mrs. Mary Ward

Wife of the Rev. Ephraim Ward

of Brookfield

who departed this life

May 13th 1775

in the 32nd year of her age



In Memory Of

Rev. Joseph Parsons

Pastor of the first church

 in Brookfield

who departed this life Jan 17, 1771

in the 38th year of his age

and 14 year of his ministry

Live Like The Righteous Man
And May Your Last Days Be Like His.



(Elles?) Gilbert

Died AD





In Memory Of Mr.

Thomas Cowen

who departed this life

Febry Y 9th D 1771

in the Y 31n year of his age




In Memory Of

Capt. Jacob Abbot

who died of the (stone?)


April 22, 1771 (??) 77





Mr. John Batchelor



In Memory Of

Mr. John Batchelor

who died Oct 31, 1795

in his 42nd year

Farewell my spouse and children dear
I've left this world of pain
May virtue be your practice here
Till we do meet again




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