Old Carolina Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Neshoba Co, MS

Directions:  From Philadelphia: Take Hwy 15 S. Turn right on Hwy 488. The road will make a perpendicular left turn in the Laurel Hill community. Take the 1st road on the left after the sharp left turn, Road 123, which will be a dirt road. The road will become a paved road just when you reach Old Carolina Church. The church is on the right, the cemetery on the left.

From Union:  From Hwy 15 at the Hwy 492 intersection (Spanky’s) in Union. Proceed north 3.3 miles. There will be a large sign that reads Camp Dixon followed by a smaller one that reads Neshoba. Turn left on Road 325. Go 0.9 mile. There will be a sign that reads Camp Dixon. Turn left on Road 339 at Neshoba Cemetery. Drive 7.6 miles. Turn right on Hwy 21 N. Proceed to the Neshoba County Fairgrounds. Turn left on Road 404. Proceed until you reach Road 123 on the right. There will be a sign indicating Old Carolina Presbyterian Church. Turn right. Proceed down that road. The church will be on the left and the cemetery on the right.

Old Carolina Presbyterian Church is located in the Dowdville Community of Neshoba County, MS, very near the Leake County line.  The church was organized Nov. 20, 1841 by a group of Highland Scots who migrated from North Carolina.  They named their community for Laurel Hill, NC, from which a number of the families had come.  Their church was also named for their Carolina home.  Founding members were:  Neil McDonald and wife, Mary McDonald, John Wilkinson and wife, Mary Wilkinson, Daniel McMillan and wife, Catherine McMillan, John Savage and wife, Quency Wilson and servant Milly, Daniel N. C. McDonald, Margaret McDonald, Eliza Jane McDonald, Margaret Catherine and Mary Ann McKay, Alexander McKay and wife, Nancy McKay, Hugh McNair, Christine McNair, Margaret McKee, & Christian McLane.

On March 3, 1966, a tornado destroyed the old church and a number of the tombstones.  Replacement markers have been erected for several of our family members.  Due to the foresight of the late Charles Germany, we have a picture of the original tombstone from the grave of Daniel McDonald.









Daniel McDonald Sr.

A native of Moore Co, N.C.

Born 1780,  Died September 20, 1862

(Photo on left is original tombstone courtesy of the late Charles Germany.  Photo on right is the replacement tombstone which currently marks Daniel McDonald's grave)

1840 Neshoba Co, MS Census
1841 Neshoba Co, MS State Census
1845 Neshoba Co, MS State Census
1850 - Enumerated in the Neshoba Co, MS household of son-in-law Neill McMillan
1860 - Enumerated in the Neshoba Co, MS household of son-in-law Neill McMillan









Flora McDonald

daughter of Daniel & Effy Douglas
born in Richmond County
North Carolina 1781
Married 1802
And for the last 50 years a faithful member of the  Methodist Church.
who departed this life
Sept.3, 1850


 Photo left courtesy of the late Charles Germany ;   Photo right by Carol March 2004.











Hugh McDonald

Feb. 13, 1813 - June 12, 1894

Hugh McDonald was a son of Daniel McDonald & Flora Douglas.  He married Eliza Jane McNair on February 25, 1839 in Robeson Co, NC.

Can anyone explain the meaning of the finger pointing to the crown engraved on his tombstone?

1850 Neshoba Co, MS Census #439-459
1860 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Laurel HIll PO Township 10 Range 10 #870-899
1870 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Beat 4, # 915-915
1880 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Beat 4, Supv Dist 2, ED 59 #36-36


Eliza Jane McNair McDonald

Sacred to the memory of Eliza J
Wife of Hugh McDonald &
daughter of Rev. Malcom & Jenette McNair
of Robeson Co, NC.
Died July 15, 1869


The wonderful information engraved on Eliza Jane's tombstone led this writer on a search of Robeson Co, NC records, which uncovered the wonderful history of the North Carolina Presbyterian ministry of Rev. Malcom McNair.  His tombstone, and that of his parents, can be viewed in the McFarland Cemetery section of this Web Site.  A history of Rev. McNair's life and ministry is available in the Family Histories section.  Female descendants of Eliza Jane (McNair) McDonald qualify for membership in the Daughter of the American Revolution based on the Patriotic Service of her grandfather John McNair.



H. W. McDonald

Born December 15, 1844

Died May 8, 1897

Aged 52 yrs 4 mos & 23 dys


Hugh W. McDonald was a son of Hugh McDonald and his wife Eliza Jane McNair.  He married Anna Elizabeth Fincher.





Anna E. Fincher McDonald

Wife of H. W. McDonald

Born January 20, 1846

Died  November 13, 1898

Anna Elizabeth Fincher married Hugh W. McDonald



Malcom D.

Son of H. & E. J. McDonald

Born September 29, 1846

Died January 26, 1858

Malcom D. McDonald was a son of Hugh McDonald and his wife Eliza Jane McNair.


Neill McMillan

1788 - 1873

Unfortunately Neill McMillan's tombstone was one of those destroyed by the 1966 tornado.  To this author's knowledge there were no photo's taken.  Any additional information concerning the inscription on his original tombstone would be most appreciated.  McMillan's parentage and North Carolina origins are still a mystery.  Shortly before his death, he applied for a pension based on War of 1812 service in the Bladen Co, NC Militia Company of Capt. John Nicholson.  Capt. Nicholson is buried in the Brown Marsh Presbyterian Church Cemetery, which is located 2 miles north of Clarkton in Bladen Co, NC.  Early census records show him enumerated next to a John McMillan.  Capt. Nicholson's tombstone inscription reads as follows:  Capt. John Nicholson of the U.S.A., a native of Scotland, died May 11, 1814, aged 45 yrs.  At the call to arms in 1812 he stept forth in the defense of the country of his adoption & raised a company of volunteers who were marched to Ft. Johnson & after remaining 6 months in the service were discharged & he appointed Capt. in the regular Army.  Are there any Nicholson researchers who can identify this man and his McMillan neighbors, many of which are buried in the same cemetery?

1830 Greene Co, AL Land Grant
1840 Neshoba Co, MS Census
1850 Neshoba Co, MS Census #437-457
1860 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Laurel Hill PO Township 10 Range 10, #857-884
1870 - Living in the Neshoba Co, MS household of his son-in-law William C. Dowd. Listed as 80 years old.


Portrait of Neil McMillan and his wife Mary Ann McDonald courtesy of  the late Charles Germany


Mary A. McMillan

Wife of Neill McMillan

March 3, 1810 - February 14, 1869

Mary Ann McDonald was a daughter of Daniel McDonald & Flora Douglas.   She married Neill McMillan May 19, 1831 in Perry Co, AL.




John M. McMillan

May 26, 1832 - Aug. 30, 1913

The oldest son of Neill McMillan & Mary Ann McDonald, John McMillan was born in Tuscaloosa Co, AL.  He was a veteran of the Confederate Army, having served in Co. "K" of the 5th Mississippi & in the Cumberland Guards, Co "A" of the 33rd Mississippi.  He was a Mason & served on the Leake Co, MS Democratic Executive Committee.  He married his 1st cousin Catherine L. McDonald, daughter of Hugh McDonald & Eliza Jane McNair. 


1860 Neshoba Co, MS Census Laurel Hill PO, Township 10, Range 10 #847-874
1870 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Beat 4, # 914-914
1880 Leake Co, MS Census, Beat 5, p. 454a, #421-477, Farmer
1891 Democratic Executive Committee, Leake Co, MS, Beat 5
1900 Leake Co, MS Census, Beat 5, p. 350A, Supv Dist 5, ED 38, Sheet 16b, #267-285 
1912 Confederate Pension Application, Leake Co, MS, 5th Mississippi Infantry

Confederate Veteran Passes Away
The Neshoba Democrat, Philadelphia, MS (The left portion of the column is missing from the microfilm copy of the newspaper on file at the Philadelphia / Neshoba Co, MS Library)
John M. McMillan - born May 26, 1832 died Aug. 30th 1913. He enlisted in the Confederate service at Carolina church, Neshoba County in July 1861, under Capt. Booth. The company rendezvoused at Enterprise, Miss., at which place the 5th Miss. Regiment was organized and the company designated as Co. K. The Lieutenant was ordered to Pensacola Fla. at which place he was charged on account of general ?ty. He afterward enlisted in the 33rd Regiment Co, A. ? J. E. Simmons. D. W. ? Col., Featherston's Brig. He with his Command was ?ed in the following battles: ?a Ga. May 12 64, near ? Hope church May 13th, Kennesaw Mountain June 27th, Peachtree Creek June 20th and various battles around Atlanta. He was also in the Tennessee campaign under Gen. Hood, and the battles of Franklin and ?ille, also with Hood in his ?t out of Tenn., and with his command in North Carolina. He was surrendered by Genl. J. Johnston at Greensboro, N. C. ?an faithful in all the walks ?, a citizen a soldier and a ?an. Written by one who for 55 years, soldiered with him, neighbored with him and has found him to be one of ?ble of Gods creation. D. F. Cadenhead in Car? ?ian.



Catharine L. McDonald

Darling Wife Of

J. M. McMillan

Born November 19, 1839

Died February 7, 1902


Catharine McDonald was the oldest child of Hugh McDonald and his wife Eliza Jane McNair.




Daughter of J. M. & Kate McMillan

Born December 21, 1910

Died September 27, 1911 


Katharine McMillan was the daughter of John M. McMillan (Jr.) and his wife Kate Barnett.










D. Wesley McMillan

May 29, 1839 -  July 16, 1916

Daniel Wesley McMillan was a son of Neil McMillan and his wife Mary Ann McDonald.  He married Nancy Lula Virginia Peebles on September 30, 1869 in Neshoba Co, MS.

Pictured Right:  D. W. McMillan family courtesy of the late Charles Germany.

1870 - Living in the Neshoba Co, MS household of his brother James A. McMillan.
1880 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Beat 4, p. 9, Supv Dist 2, ED 69 #84-84
1910 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Beat 4, #235-236

5th Mississippi Infantry CSA, Company K, Scotland Guards


William Francis Lee McMillan

Son of D. W. & L. V. McMillan

September 5, 1870 - November 27, 1892

William Francis Lee McMillan was a son of Daniel Wesley McMillan and his wife Nancy Lula Virginia Peebles.

"Lee McMillan, the son of Wesley McMillan of Neshoba County met with a fatal accident on Sunday. He was riding to church on a spirited horse when the animal swerved from the road, took to the woods and dashed the young man against a tree, crushing his skull. About 75 pupils from Edinburg School attended the funeral..."   The Carthaginian, Leake Co, MS, December 2, 1892


In Memory of

Francis M.

Youngest son of

Neil and Mary A. McMillan

Born March 14th, 1842

Died April 28th, 1860

Meet me in heaven.



James A. McMillan

Co G

4 Miss CAV

C. S. A. 

James A. McMillan was a son of Neil McMillan and his wife Mary Ann McDonald.  He married Mary Hannah Peebles 1875 in Neshoba Co, MS.

1870 Neshoba Co, MS Census Beat 4, #946-946
1880 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Beat 4, p. 9,  Supv Dist. 2, ED 69, #86-87
1900 Leake Co, MS Census, Beat 5, p. 346, Supv Dist 5, ED 38, Sheet 12A, #193-205


Company G, 4th Mississippi Cavalry, CSA, Capt. A. C. McKissick
Confederate Pension Application, 1900, Leake Co, MS 4th Mississippi Cavalry
Confederate Pension Application 1916, Leake County, 4th Mississippi Cavalry
Confederate Pension Application by widow 1924, Leake Co, MS


Mary H. Peebles

Wife of

James A. McMillan

March 16, 1857

January 5, 1946

Mary Hannah Peebles was the daughter of William Jefferson Peebles and his wife Nancy E. Dowd.  She married James A. McMillan.  


Andrew McMillan

March 4, 1876 - December 21, 1901


William Andrew McMillan was a son of James A. McMillan and his wife Mary Hannah Peebles.



Martha A. Dowd

August 5, 1836 - July 31, 1898

Martha Ann McMillan was the daughter of Neil McMillan and is wife Mary Ann McDonald.  She married William Cornelius Dowd 

1880 - Living in the Neshoba Co, MS household of her brother Daniel W. McMillan.








William Cornelius Dowd

June 8, 1828 - June 14, 1879

Capt. Co D 5 Regt Miss Inf

Confederate States Army

William Cornelius Dowd was a son of Burton W. Dowd and his wife Margaret.  He married Martha Ann McMillan.

1860 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Laurel Hill PO Township 10 Range 10 #857-885
1870 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Beat 4, #945-945

Methodist Episcopal Clergyman per his 1860 Census Record.


In Memory of 

Mary C. Dowd

Daughter of W. C. & M. A. Dowd

Born July 20, 1858

Died November 6, 1862


Mary C. Dowd was a daughter of William Cornelius Dowd and his wife Martha Ann McMillan.


Burton W. Dowd

Born September 24, 1850

Died February 14, 1872


Burton W. Dowd was a child of William Cornelius Dowd and his wife Martha Ann McMillan.



James Kennedy Winfield

Dec. 15, 1812 - Sept. 29, 1880

James Kennedy Winfield was the son of John B. Winfield and his first wife.  He married Sarah Sherard October 4, 1835 in Anderson Co, SC.  Any information concerning the inscription on his original tombstone, destroyed by the 1966 tornado, would be greatly appreciated.

1835 Anderson District, SC Tax Return 0.60
1836 Anderson District SC Tax Return 0.10
1836-1837 Anderson Co, SC, Purchased from the estate of Samuel Porter.
1837 Anderson District, SC Tax Return
1838 or 1839 Anderson District, SC Tax Return
December 5, 1839 Anderson Co, SC. Purchased from the estate of Freeman Wiles.
1841 Anderson Co, SC Tax Return 0.15
1850 Perry Co, AL Census, Brush Creek Beat, #84-86, Farmer, p 324B
1860 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Dixon, T10 R10, p. 138
1870 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Beat 4 #971-971
1880 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Beat 4, ED 59, Supv. Dist. 2, Dist. 6, #49-49

Traveling from North Carolina and Georgia, by way of Alabama, in 1853, fifteen families moved west. They set out with their families on ox-drawn "Bow frame covered sheet" wagons. They landed in Neshoba County, after looking over the surrounding country. They moved twenty miles farther west, into Leake County, to enter public lands which were open for them to choose. They settled in Madden. W.W. Thomas was their leader. His father was John Thomas. (History of Leake County, MS)




Wife of J. K. Winfield

Jan. 9, 1816 - Oct. 3, 1898

Sarah Sherard, daughter of Alexander Sherard Jr. & Jane Dickey, married James Kennedy Winfield October 4, 1835 in Anderson Co, SC.  The family left South Carolina about 1842 for Perry Co, AL.  They made the move to Neshoba Co, MS in 1853.

Alma Winfield

Wife of

R. E. Majure

December 29, 1858 - January 31, 1923

Lorranna Alma Winfield was the daughter of James Kennedy Winfield and his wife Sarah Sherard.  She married Robert Eugene Majure on December 18, 1878 in Neshoba Co, MS.  Although the tombstone appears to read December 23rd, her birth date is listed as December 29th in her father's family Bible.

1910 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Beat 4, p. 213, #255-255, General Farm



R. E. Majure

August 9, 1854 - August 10, 1905

Robert Eugene Majure was a son of William K. Majure and his wife Frances A. McKee.  He married Lorranna Alma Winfield on December 18, 1878 in Neshoba Co, MS.

1900 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Beat 4, p. 101, Supv Dist 5, ED 45, Sheet 1a #5-5, Farmer


In Memory of

Henrietta A.

Wife of D. W. Pettigrew

Born Feb 7, 1853

Died May 10, 1905 


Henrietta Augusta Winfield was a daughter of James Kennedy Winfield and his wife Sarah Sherard.  She was born in Perry Co, AL and married David W. Pettigrew on November 24, 1870 in Neshoba Co, MS.

1900 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Beat 4, p. 110, Supv Dist 5, ED 45, Sheet 10A, #175-180



Son of

J. R. & M. A. Winfield

Born October 3, 1900

Died December 1, 1900


James Winfield was a son of James Raymond Winfield and his wife Mary Annabelle McMillan.

Duncan Whetstone

September 12, 1869 - July 12, 1928

Marion Duncan Whetstone was a son of Daniel M. Whetstone and his wife Sarah.  He was born in Kellyton, Coosa Co, AL and married Sallie Katherine Winfield January 3, 1901.

1900 Leake Co, MS Census - Enumerated as Boarder in household of W. J. Brantley, Beat 1, p 206
1910 Leake Co, MS Census, Beat 5, p. 211, Supv Dist 5, ED 73, #63-63
1920 Leake Co, MS Census, Beat 5, p. 222, Supv 5, ED 75, #329-334

The path of discovery to the origins of Duncan Whetstone was quite a rocky one.  All of my life I have heard that Aunt Kate had married Duncan Whetstone.  But since he died long before I was born I had no personal knowledge of the man.  During the past year I set out to learn of the history of the spouses of my grandmother's siblings.  By far Duncan Whetstone was the hardest.  He was absolutely nowhere to be found until I happened upon the tombstone of Marion M. Whetstone in the midst of Aunt Kate's deceased children.  But what could explain the fact that the name didn't fit?  I had heard the name Duncan Whetstone for my entire life.  So I set out on a search for Marion M. Whetstone, thinking that Duncan might just be a nickname.  Absolutely nowhere in Alabama could I find a Marion M. (or Duncan) Whetstone with a birth date of 1876.  I decided to search for Duncan & Marion Whetstone for any year of birth and had an instant hit with a Duncan Whetstone born about 1869.  Was it the same person?  I was then able to track this man, and his brother on a migration path straight to Leake Co, MS.  It was one and the same.  His name is listed in various census records as Duncan or Marion D.  But nowhere is there a listing for Marion M.  And there is absolutely no doubt that his birth year was not 1876.  Can someone explain this puzzle?



Son of M. M. & S. K. Whetstone

Born May 9, 1903

Died March 12, 1904


Cecil Whetstone was a son of Duncan Whetstone and his wife Kate Winfield.



Infant Son of

Mr. & Mrs. Marion M. Whetstone


John McDonald

From Argleshire, Scotland, Father of Neil, Jane, John, Mary & Hugh

Feb 1773 - Mar. 14, 1865

Margaret McDougald

Daughter of Arch & Mary McDougald from Robinson (should be Robeson) County, NC

Aug. 20, 1780 - Dec. 9, 1857

1850 Neshoba Co, MS Census #441-461
1860 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Laurel Hill PO, Township 10 Range 10 #861-890 


In Memory of

James McDonald

Youngest Son Of

John & Margaret McDonald

Born February 21, 1818

Died September 4, 1852




John M. Parker

Born May 23, 1803

Died October 20, 1885

John M. Parker was the husband of Jane McDonald, daughter of John and Margaret (McDougald) McDonald.

Photo Courtesy of Vince Hatten.

M. C.

Wife of

Roberson Barham

Born 1836

Died January 1876

Aged 40 Years

Photo, Family & Census Information Courtesy of Vince Hatten

Martha Carolina Parker was the daughter of John M. Parker and Jane McDonald.  She moved to Mississippi from Pickens Co, AL after the Civil War.  It is not known where her husband died.  He served in the 42nd Alabama Infantry.

1850 Pickens Co, AL Census, p 113b
1860 Pickens Co, AL Census, Southern Division, Post Office Pleasant Grove, House Number 623
1870 Neshoba Co, MS Census, p 149



Mrs. William A. McKay

Daughter of John & Margaret McDonald

Born September 15, 1820

Died June 7, 1855




Daughter of Rev. J. F. & S. E. McDonald

November 12, 1889 - November 30, 1904


They have come for me.

John 11:  25 - 26




Duncan I. McDonald

Died October 8, 1868

Aged 37 ys, 2 ms, 9 ds





Robert B. McDonald

May 1, 1857 - June 10, 1910





Daniel E. McDonald

September 9, 1860 - January 30, 1946



Alexander McKay

1792 - 1874





Nancy McKay

August 25, 1794 - April 26, 1876



Mrs. C. Brantley

Born August 22, 1822

Died August 10, 1878


Is this Charity Cody, wife of Harris Brantley?


Jones Brantley

Born December 4, 1810

Died August 28, 1865

Jones Brantley married Catharine Cody.  He was a brother of Harris Brantley, who married Charity Cody.  Both were sons of Phillip Brantley Jr. and his wife Rebecca Harbuck (of Warren County, GA)  Family information courtesy of Mary F. Thomas

1850 Marion Co, GA Census, 57th District, p. 267, #568-568


Mrs. Catharine Brantley


Feb. 1859


About 44 Years

No pompous marble to thy name we raise.
This humble stone bespeaks thy praise.......

Catherine Cody was the wife of Jones Brantley.

Andrew P. Henry

Born October 22, 1811

Died April 2, 1870

Aged 58 ys 5 ms 11 ds

The Story of Neshoba by R. L. Breland - The Neshoba Democrat March 19, 1937
Henry-Thomas Families
"These two families are linked together in that they intermarried. The Henry family is one of the earliest among the settlers of Neshoba County. Andrew Henry came to the county before the county was organized in 1833 and settled on Beasha creek not far from Laurel Hill in the western part of the county. From this man and his wife have come the large family of Henrys in the western part of our county. The first we hear of this Henry family begins with John Henry who lived back in one of the Carolinas where he married Jane Pickens. So far as we know John and Jane Henry did not come to Mississippi. Thed had a number of children but we have no information on any of them but Andy Pickens Henry. He married Huldah Ray. They reared a large family. Among their children were Joe A. Henry, Mary C. Henry, John Henry and George Henry. There were doubtless others. Joe Alexander Henry, son of Andrew and Huldah Henry, was born in 1839. He married Elizabeth Phillips in 1861. He was a prosperous farmer of Leake county, living near Zion, Miss. Several children were born to this union. This wife died and he married again and located at Edgewood, Texas, where he resided the latter years of his life. John Henry, son of Andrew was a prominent Methodist preacher who lived in the western part of the county for many years. He reared a large family of children among them were Mrs. Hillman, Mrs. Cleveland, William, John and Joe Henry. The Henry family left an impress on our country's history, made good citizens and useful. George Henry lived in the western part of the county for several years. he reared several children, among them Mrs. Hembree, Mrs. Cole and Andy Henry. Some of these have already been mentioned in this column. I do not have as full information on this pioneer family as I would like. Will some one furnish me with more. ...James A. Thomas (after the death of his first wife) married Mary Catherine Henry, daughter of Andrew and Huldah Henry. They lived happily together for more than fifty years. The following children came to them: Mittie, Billie, James, Anna, Allie and Fannie - all living except Allie at last report. Mary C. Thomas died January 11, 1929. The bodies of both James A. Thomas and Mary C. Thomas lie buried in the cemetery connected with Neshoba Baptist church of which they were useful and consistent members."

1860 Neshoba Co, MS Census, Township 10, Range 10, PO: Laurel Hill, #863-892



G. W. Henry

April 1, 1849 - December 7, 1913

George Washington Henry was a son of Andrew Pickens Henry and his wife Huldah Ray.



Mrs. N. J. Ray

Mother of H. H. Henry

Born 1794

Died 1872

Aged 78 Years

Nancy J. Ray, maiden name unknown, was the mother of Huldah Ray who married Andrew Pickens Henry.  The Neshoba County Cemetery book has her listed incorrectly as a Henry.

1870 Neshoba Co, MS Census - enumerated in the household of her daughter Hulda Henry





J. M. Thomas Sr.

November 10, 1850 - May 20, 1931




Sarah Jane Thomas

December 7, 1855 - December 24, 1925





John A. Thomas

Born February 22, 1852

Died April 7, 1922



S. C.

Wife of J. A. Thomas

Born May 8, 1858

Died February 20, 1907

Aged 48 ys ? ms 12 ds 




John Hammons

January 23, 1863 - March 21, 1941

Gone But Not Forgotten



Sacred to the Memory of

Rev. John Nicholson G P

Beloved by the Fraternity

and all Christians

Died November 7, 1856

Aged 49 yrs

A Native of Chesterfield District S. C. 


S. A. Hays

wife of H. C. Hays

Born January 12, 1831

Died August 10, 1893

Sarah Ann Whatley was the wife of Harrison C. Hays.  The family came to Neshoba County from Butler, Taylor Co, GA with the family of H. C. Hays' sister Elizabeth Ann Hays, wife of William Henry Williamson.  

Photo, family and census information courtesy of Vince Hatten.  Please contact Vince if you are researching this family.


116 17 H200 Hays            Harrison C, 43, M, W, Farmer, GA                   
116 18 H200 Hays            Sarah A, 35, F, W, Keeping House, GA               
116 19 H200 Hays            George F, 13, M, W, , MS                           
116 20 H200 Hays            James L, 11, M, W, , MS                            
116 21 H200 Hays            Louisa L, 9, F, W, , MS                            
116 22 H200 Hays            Catherine, 7, F, W, , MS                           
116 23 H200 Hays            Luther, 5, M, W, , MS                              
116 24 H200 Hays            Buddie, 4/12, M, W, , MS



James L. Hays

Born September 29, 1858

Died March 18, 1892

James L. Hays was a son of Harrison C. Hays and his wife Sarah Ann Whatley.  He came to Neshoba County from Georgia with his parents.

Photo courtesy of  Vince Hatten.



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