McClanan Family Cemetery

Virginia Beach, VA
Old Princess Anne County

The cemetery sits in off General Booth Boulevard inside the KOA Campground, and directly opposite the campground office.  The address is 1240 General Booth Boulevard.  The small cemetery appears to have suffered years of neglect.  Several of the tombstones are broken.  Cemetery Photographed May 1, 2005.






Wife of Wm. W. McLanan

Aug (or Apr) 12, 1811

Sept 3, 1869

1860 Princess Anne Co, VA Census, London Bridge PO, P. 584, #46-46, Wm W. McClanan (51) Blacksmith, Real Estate - $1,500, Personal Estate - $6,770, Susan (49), Lavinia E. (12)



Charlie T. Griggs

Died September 9, 1882

Age 2 yrs. 1 mo.






In Memory Of


Son of Laura E.

& Wm J. Buskey

Born Nov. 25, 1868

Died Nov. 25, 1868










W. Ottma

Son of W. S. & L. A. Griggs

Died April 14, 1893

Age 18 Years


Laura (McCoy) & Walter (Griggs) also buried their son: Willard Ottman Griggs (1875-1893).  Ottman's neck was broken in a pillow fight:  Dian DeBuiser




In Memory Of

Walter W. Griggs

Died Feb. 14, 1875

Aged 16 mo's

There were two "Willie's" buried there.  One was the son of Laura McCoy & Walter Griggs...the other is Willie Buskey, son of William J. Buskey.  Laura & Walter also buried along with thier son, Walter William "Willie" Griggs [1873-1875] in this cemetery: Willard Ottman Griggs [1875-1893] , Charles T. Griggs [1880-1882] and a infant that was stillborn [1877]:  Dian DeBuiser



Laura A. McCoy

Born December 4, 1852

Died November 27, 1915

I am glad you have the KOA gravesite.  It is often overlooked.  My Great Grand Mother, Laura McCoy is buried at the KOA campground.  She was actually married to Walter Scott Griggs, but they divorced and she was buried as a McCoy.  Ottma was her son.  Anne Elizabeth McCoy at Nimmo was her mother:  Jennifer Brown Estes

Laura was married to Walter Scott Griggs.... some of their children that died are buried at the KOA campground.  Their stones are now all broken into pieces.  At the time of her marriage Laura McCoy was considered one of the most beautiful young ladies in Princess Anne County and considered "quite a catch" Dian DeBuiser

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