Lockhart Cemetery

Gattman, Monroe Co, Mississippi

Pictures courtesy of Edna Edwards

Directions:  From Amory, MS, take US 278 east toward Gattman, Ms, which is located about on the Alabama line.  Gattman is about 16 miles from Amory.  Just before you get to Gattman, the Lockhart Cemetery is just off US 278.


R. S. Lockhart

Oct. 19, 1840 - Oct. 31, 1907

Co. L 24th Miss Inf CSA

Robert S. Lockhart married Emily Ann Ray on August 26, 1867 in Monroe Co, MS.  Born in Monroe Co, MS he was the son of James Lockhart and his wife Anna Springfield.

1870 Monroe Co, MS Census, #269-318
1880 Monroe Co, MS Census, Beat 3, Marman Springs Precinct #30-31, Supv Dist 1, ED 128, p. 2
1900 Monroe Co, MS Census, Marman Springs Election Precinct, Beat 3, #10-10, #2056

E. A. Lockhart

April 30, 1838 - May 18, 1926

Emily Ann Ray married Robert S. Lockhart August 26, 1867 in Monroe Co, MS.  She was born in Tennessee, the daughter of Richardson Ray and his wife Susan Babb.

1920 - Enumerated in the Monroe Co, MS household of her daughter Pennina Humphreys, Beat 3, Gattman Precinct.

V. C. "Cap" Lockhart

June 19, 1868 - Dec. 27, 1946

Verazzana Carleton Lockhart married Sarah Catherine Clearman January 19, 1896 in Monroe Co, MS.  Born in Monroe Co, MS, he was the son of Robert S. Lockhart and his wife Emily Ann Ray.  (Note:  V. C. Lockhart's death certificate shows a birth date of June 19, 1867.)

1900 Monroe Co, MS Census, Marman Springs, Beat 3, Gattman Township, #274-274, p. 2316


Sarah C. Lockhart

April 1, 1870 - June 6, 1942

Sarah Catherine Clearman married V. C. Lockhart January 19, 1896 in Monroe Co, MS.  She was born in Lamar Co, AL, the daughter of Jacob Clearman and his wife Sarah Jane.




Daniel L. Lockhart

June 4, 1816 

 June 8, 1897

Pvt., Co B 3rd Bn, Mississippi Infantry CSA  

Daniel Lockhart married Didema Liles Dill on December 10, 1846.  Born in Spartanburg Co, SC he was the son of James Lockhart and his wife Delila Stacy.

1870 Sanford Co, AL Census, Beaverton PO, #10-9
1880 Lamar Co, AL Census, ED 128, T13 R14, 45-46


Partial Inventory of the Lockhart Cemetery

Courtesy of Greg Green  -  July 6, 2000

Selected surnames were taken in this partial inventory.  The Lockhart Cemetery is located south of US Highway 278 in Gattman, Mississippi and approximately 100 yards north of Holiness Church.




Alice Cantrell  9/17/1856 7/25/1924
W. U(V?). Cox  1/1/1880 7/6/1914
Jackson B. Cox 5/15/1841 12/1/1898
Susie Cox
Tom Cox
John B, son of J. B. and N. J. Cox 2/4/1871 10/31/1884
Russell B. Cox 1/11/1844 11/29/1904
Delia E. Danner
William J. Dannier
Thomas Danner 5/27/1834 4/30/1905
Martha Danner   6/18/1833 7/2/1897
Mary Clementine Danner  2/16/1862 12/23/1927
James T. Danner   2/24/1862 1/06/1912
Martha Lockhart 4/04/1874 1/18/1921
Amos N. Lockhart     5/20/1873 4/07/1955
E. A. Lockhart 4/30/1838 5/18/1926
Sarah C. Lockhart 4/01/1870 6/06/1942
V. C. Lockhart     7/19/1868 12/27/1946
Albert Stacy Lockhart   1/09/1876 8/26/1941
Alice L., wife of A. S. Lockhart   1884 1945
Infant son and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Lowery - -
Lance Beal Markham 3/12/1909 8/14/1977
William A. Threadgill   9/29/1882 2/26/1936
Alcie Mae Threadgill  4/14/1884 6/22/1954
Ulla Exodus, wife of J. T. Young  1883 1953
J. H. Young 1871 1959
T. B. Cox Co. C 22nd Ala Inf CSA
George W. Danner Sergt Co. G 41st Miss CSA Wife Martha believed to be buried near 
W. S. Lockhart Co. L 24th Miss Inf CSA
R. S. Lockhart
Co. L. 24th Miss Inf CSA
10/19/1840 0/31/1907
John Wesley Pickle 1865 1933
Sara Armiza Pickle 1876 1959
Carie June Gilliam 6/09/1930 3/11/1936
Joan Gilliam 7/20/1932 1/18/1937
Chester L. Gilliam 1904 1956
Ottie Clytee Gilliam 11/11/1906 11/04/1994

Special Situations

1.  Single Stone

On Front:  Pvt. Daniel L. Lockhart Co. B 3rd Battl Miss Inf   6/4/1816 - 6/8/1897

On Back:  Born Spartanburg Co, SC to James Lockhart of Ireland and Delila Stacy.  Married Didema Liles Dill.  Children:  Nancy, Sarah, Susan, Daniel, Elizabeth, William, James, Gerucy, Timanda, Cicero, Robbert.

2.  Graves within a block enclosure

3.  Single Stone:

            Minnie Lee, daughter of J. T. and M. C. Danner

            George, son of J. T. and M. C. Danner

            Date of Birth and Death are not legible.

4.  Single Stone

            F. L. Danner 1860 - 19?  His wife M. E. Danner  1868 and 1928

            It is not clear who is buried here.

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