Kempsville Baptist Church Cemetery

Virginia Beach, VA
(formerly Princess Anne County)

This cemetery lies in the heart of the modern day Kempsville borough of Virginia Beach.  It is directly adjacent to a small office park.  Ironically the nearest neighbor to the cemetery is the office of Exis Net, a local internet provider.  Can you imagine how baffled the cemetery's occupants would be by the technology that has overshadowed them.  The cemetery sits extremely close to Overland Road.  In the midst of the tombstones was a huge beautiful tree approximately 250 years old that was felled by Hurricane Isabel.  You can view its stump in the pictures below.  Overland Road is a short road that runs between Witchduck Road, just south of the I-264 overpass, and Princress Anne Road.  Its intersection with Princess Anne Road is between Pleasant Hall, a colonial era building, and the current Kempsville Baptist Church.

The McLin family graves sit slightly apart, to the east, of the other burials.  They may actually be a separate family plot, rather than a part of the larger cemetery.  But their very close proximity, combined with the fact that this photographer has no knowledge of any buildings or fences that might have been the original separator, causes me to include them in the larger enumeration.  Further information from family/church members regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Kempsville Baptist Church began as a separate church in 1826 in the old Princess Anne Courthouse building on Overland Road.  The building had been abandoned in 1824 when the courthouse moved to Princess Anne.  The cemetery was located north of the courthouse/church building.  Cemetery Photographed May 8, 2004



Mary T.

Wife of W A Furcron

Born Dec. 15, 1832

Died Jan. 1, 1909

Asleep in Jesus



My Husband

Wm. A. Furcron

Born Apr. 5, 1827

Died Apr. 30, 1900

Gone but not forgotten



Son of Wm H & Mary C. Norris

Born June 7, 1891

Died June 23, 1897


Edward D. Joyce

Aug. 23, 1874

Jan. 6, 1898

Beneath this stone in soft repose

Is laid a mther's dearest pride



Celestia Joyce

Beloved Wife of

Thos. Edmonds

Died Oct. 27, 1903

Aged 55 years



Beneath this sod lieth my beloved wife

Mary E,

wife of

Tho S Edmonds

Died Oct. 25, 1901

Age 68 years

Sleep on dear wife and take thy rest;

God called thee home,

He thought it best.



Thomas Edmonds

April 12, 1838

July 30, 1916

At Rest



John C. McLin

Born August 3, 1829

Died September 11, 1904

At Rest




Lydia R. McLin

Born Feb. 9, 1836

Died Jan. 11, 1908

At Rest



Cadville McLin

Born Oct. 10, 1859

Died Sept. 12, 1913

At Rest


Martha A. McLin

Jan. 19, 1861

Dec. 17, 1926



Mildred Augusta McGowan

Born March 1, 1911

Died June 28, 1911


Wm. H. Edmonds

Born Jan. 7, 1828

Died Dec. 18, 1919

Nancy Edmonds, his wife

Born Oct. 13, 1825

Died Aug. 25, 1910

Asleep in Jesus


Calvin Liverman


SGT CO B 376 Infantry

World War II BSM

April 20, 1926 - Sept. 12, 1956



Willis Lee Liverman

Jan. 21, 1892

March 21, 1957



William F. Decker

Mar. 9, 1929

Mar. 21, 1931



Luther W. Gallup

Feb. 18, 1882

Dec. 8, 1948


Lemuel M. Gallup

May 25, 1853

Nov. 1, 1929

Margaret E. Gallup

Dec. 30, 1856

Sept. 19, 1928


Samuel D. Whitehurst

1859 -

His Wife

Margaret A. Murden

1858 - 1930


John E. Murden

1874 - 1937

His Wife

Ida V. Whitehurst

1886 - 19




Beloved Husband

Ernest L. Kiff

Oct. 16, 1889

Feb. 29, 1920



Ina J. Kiff

July 27, 1891

April 29, 1977

Thomas J. Kiff

1858 - 1947

Anquilla Kiff

1867 - 1945

Schyler C. Kiff

1867 - 1935


John I. Herrick

October 16, 1852

Apr. 2, 1931

His Wife

Sarah Anne Herrick

Sep. 13, 1856

Jan. 31, 1919




James Preston Moses

February 15, 1882

January 9, 1914

At Rest




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