John N. Moore Family Cemetery

Currituck Co, NC

The cemetery is located on the east side of Princess Anne Road just north of the house numbered 303.  This is in the location of the entrance to the Mackay Island Wildlife Refuge.  It sits directly across the highway from the Miller/Ferrell Cemetery.  To reach this area travel south on Princess Anne Road in Virginia Beach through Pungo and Back Bay until you enter Currituck Co, NC.  The cemetery sits several miles inside North Carolina 

The cemetery is so in need of care that driving down the road one cannot recognize the fenced area as a cemetery.  Although it initially caught my eye, I quickly dismissed it as being the site of some power or telephone company equipment.  After I photographed the cemetery across the road I decided to walk over and give it a closer look.  It was only upon approaching the entrance that its true identity became evident.  Cleaning this cemetery would not be a hard task.  It would be a great project for a youth group.  Cemetery Photographed February 26, 2005



John N. Moore

June 2, 1861

January 20, 1942




Eva S. Moore

May 28, 1901

September 26, 1920




Eva A. Moore

April 19, 1869

December 21, 1943


John Napoleon Moore Family Information

by Elizabeth S. Buterbaugh

John Napoleon Moore Born June 2, 1861 in Charity Neck Princess Anne County, Virginia.  He was the son of Napoleon B. Moore and Mary Frances Caffee. Died January 20, 1942 in Munden, Princess Anne County, Vriginia.  He married on March 11, 1886 to Eva A. Seneca.  Their union produced 4 known children.

Eva A. Seneca:  Born April 19, 1869 in Princess Anne County and died  December 21, 1943 .  She was the wife of John Napoleon Moore.  She was the daughter of Milton P. Seneca and Sarah Frances Moore Seneca.  This lineage of Moore's via Sarah Frances Moore is a different line that does extend back to a Jacob Moore via a Caleb Moore to ultimately a Thomas Moore.  The parents of this Thomas Moore is unknown at this time to be proven out.

Eva S. Moore was the eldest daughter of John Napoleon Moore and Eva A. Seneca Moore.  She was born May 28, 1901 in Currituck County, North Carolina and died September 26, 1920.  She never married.


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