Hawk Family Cemetery

Norfolk (formerly Princess Anne County), VA 

We have labeled this cemetery in honor of the Hawk Family, since most of the other markers covering the graves have been destroyed.  There are but 4 headstones and one initialed footstone remaining in the family cemetery that sits in the portion of Princess Anne County that the City of Norfolk annexed in the 1950's.  A number of the graves appear to have been covered with concrete, which probably held inscriptions.  But those covering are gone, probably at the hand of vandals.  The cemetery sits on property that is probably owned by the First Baptist Church of Norfolk.  The Hawk family final resting place lies directly between the First Baptist maintenance building and heavily traveled Kempsville Road.  I-264 passes over Kempsville Road very near the cemetery's location, as shown in the above picture.  The oldest marked tombstone is that of Wilford K. Hawk, born 1868 in Ohio.  There is a great likelihood that his parents also lie in the same cemetery.  A 74 year old William Hawk, born in Ohio, was listed on Wilford Hawk's 1920 census enumeration.  The birth location of this man is consistent with information on census records concerning Wilford Hawk's father.  That William Hawk can be found in his own 1900 Princess Anne Co, VA (Kempsville District) household with a wife Ann, also born in Ohio.


Wilford K. Hawk

May 22, 1868 - June 14, 1935

Wilford K. Hawk was an Ohio native whose father was also born in Ohio.  Census records differ on the birth state of his Mother, which is listed as Ohio and West Virginia on various enumerations.  Wilford Hawk was a carpenter by trade, being employed alternately as a ship carpenter and a house carpenter.  In later years he went into the poultry farming business.  His wife Mary J (also listed as Queenie) was born January 1872 in Pennsylvania and most likely was a Dice.  In 1900 the John A. Dice family (also born PA) was enumerated in Wilford Hawk's household with his relationship listed as Brother.  In 1920 the Hawk family had both a boarder and a servant.  The young William C. Hawk, who died at age 18, may have been their only child.  Wilford Hawk's wife's birth and death information is not included on his tombstone, even though a space was reserved for her.  This could be because she remarried.  It also could be due to the fact that she died with no living children and the task of engraving the stone was just left undone.

1900 Norfolk Co, VA Census, Tanners Creek District, House Carpenter, Supv Dist 2, ED 39, Sheet 42A, p 215 #787-880
1920 Norfolk Co, VA Census, Washington District, ED 228, Supv Dist 2, Sheet 5B, Ship Carpenter
1930 Princess Anne Co, VA Census, Lynnhaven District, Swamp Road, Poultry Farmer, p. 3B, Supv Dist 14, ED 77-6, Sheet 3B.



Our Beloved Son

William C. Hawk

Born June 4, 1900

Died November 8, 1918




This footstone could possibly be the wife of William Hawk, born March 1842 Ohio.  She is listed on his 1900 Princess Anne Co, VA (Kempsville District) Census as Ann born September 1841 Ohio.



Rose Dice Petree

1892 - 1939

At Rest

Rosa C. Dice was a child of John A. Dice and his wife Mary E.  She was born June 1892 in Virginia.  The family was enumerated on the 1900 Norfolk Co, VA Census of Wilford K. Hawk.  Rose was most probably his niece, the daughter of his wife's brother.  I would suspect that her parents are probably also buried in this cemetery.  Can anyone offer more information concerning this family and the individuals whose tombstone markers are no longer intact?


Love Riggs Masters

September 27, 1889

November 2, 1956



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