Good Hope Baptist Church Cemetery

Neshoba Co, MS

Directions:  From the Hwy 492 & Hwy 15 intersection (Spanky’s) in Union:  Proceed north on Hwy 15 for 11.4 miles. Turn left on Hwy 485.   Drive 0.2 miles. The church is on the right side of the road. The cemetery is on the left.

Directions from I-20 to the Hwy 15 & Hwy 492 (Spanky’s) intersection in Union: Coming from the East (Meridian): Exit at Hickory. Turn right on Hwy 503. Proceed 7.6 miles to Hwy 15. Turn right. Proceed 9.6 miles to the above intersection. Coming from the West (Jackson): Exit at Newton on Hwy 15. Proceed North. The intersection will be in about 16 miles.



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