Emmanuel Episcopal Church Cemetery

Virginia Beach, VA
Old Princess Anne County

Emmanuel Episcopal Church sits in a corridor of much historical significance.  Directly across heavily traveled Princess Anne Road is Pleasant Hall, the colonial home which hosted the 1775 Ball celebrating the colonial victory in the Revolutionary War's Battle of Great Bridge.  Nearby stood the Princess Anne Courthouse in use when the Constitution of the United States was signed in 1787.  The need for an Episcopal Church in Kempsville was addressed in 1840 at a time when the Lynnhaven Parish church, Old Donation, lay in ruins.  The church was completed in July 1843 on land donated by David Walke.  It remains an active thriving congregation in the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia.

The Cemetery sits to the rear of the church sanctuary in a courtyard surrounded on three sides by the sanctuary and the church's new educational addition.  A nicely landscaped Columbarium sits slightly to the east of the cemetery area in the same courtyard.  The columbarium, which contains more contemporary internments, is not a part of this enumeration.   Cemetery Photographed May 15, 2004

 In the right of way fronting the church parking lot sits the historical marker that commemorates Kempsville's history.  Today the nearby convergence of Princess Anne and Kempsville Roads is widely accepted as the center of "downtown" Kempsville.  In the near future road work will begin to facilitate traffic flow through the heavily congested intersection.  Lets hope that the modernization does not destroy any historical and archeological vestiges still remaining from the years in which Kempsville played a predominant role in the area's commerce and government.

Kempsville K 272

Originally known as Kemp's Landing, Kempsville is located at the head of the eastern branch of the Elizabeth River.  By the middle 1700's it had become an important port community.  Colonial Governor Lord Dunmore's forces fought the Princess Anne County militia at Kemps Landing on 14/15 November 1775 for possession of the strategically important bridge there.  After a brief engagement the military retreated.  Established as a town in 1783, Kempsville served as the county seat of Princess Anne county from 1778 to about 1823.  Princess Anne County was consolidated with the City of Virginia Beach in 1963 and the town became part of the city.



In Memory of

Reuben Francis Hughes

Born November 20, 1854

Died July 21, 1918


George E. Ohlinger

January 8, 1878

June 5, 1933

Marguerite M. Ohlinger

February 3, 1883

November 30, 1912




George F. Ohlinger

West Virginia


June 5, 1930


Gertrude Campbell

Dau. of O. F. & M. G. Baxter

April 30, 1881 - March 20, 1885

 (Stone Broken)

Son of O. F. & M. G. Baxter

Stone Broken



Jane Brown

Daughter of O. F. & M. G. Baxter

October 9, 1880

April 13, 1882




Leonidas Bray Baxter

Son of Oscar Francis Baxter

Born October 19, 1842

Died December 7, 1873

On the 1860 Princess Anne Co, VA (London Bridge District) Census Leondias B. Baxter is shown, with his siblings, living in the household of his guardian Oscar F. Baxter.  By 1870 the 27 year old North Carolina native was living in his own household.  He was a single man with the occupation of Grocer.  Living in the household was a male who was a clerk in the store.

1870 Princess Anne Co, VA Census, Kempsville Township, p. 280, Post Office:  London Bridge, #418-418, Grocer, age 27, born North Carolina


Stephen T. Whitehurst


February 3, 1846

January 19, 1905

1900 Princess Anne Co, VA Census, Kempsville District, p. 19, Supv Dist 2, ED 50, Sheet 7b, #124-126, Farmer, Married 25 years, 3 children born - 3 children living.

This stone was obtained and erected by Shelby Drinkwater of Norfolk. It was the only stone marking the graves where 4 other of our ancestors were buried. Their plot was originally just behind the Church and, at one time. there was a weeping willow tree shading the graves.  A storm took that out.  Buried along with Stephen Whitehurst was his wife, Elizabeth Roxanna Griggs, Daniel Hodges and Oceola Rodgers Drinkwater.  Unfortunately, none of their graves had markers.  Carolyn Drinkwater Lemay

Stephen Tatem Whitehurst  b. 3 Feb. l846  d. l9 Jan. l905
Elizabeth Roxanna Griggs Whitehurst  b. ll Jan. l845   d. 8 Sept. l908
Daniel Hodges   b. 20 Nov. l862   d. l3 Nov. l902
Oceola Rodgers Drinkwater   b. l5 April l893   d. 25 Dec. l939




Eva Lisle Scott

Born May 14, 1872

Died July 19, 1873




Our Father

William Copeland Scott

August 18, 1802

November 22, 1880


1880 Princess Anne Co, VA Census, Kempsville, p. 114A, aged 78 born NC, Farmer, Wife - Mary E age 74 born PA



Eva Hunter

Beloved Wife of James E. Scott

Born August 6, 1849

Died March 22, 1883





Virginia L. Gettel

Wife of William C. Gettel

1888 - 1961




W. G. Gettel

1888 - 1954





Jacob Gettel

1886 - 1957





Alice E. Gettel

1876 - 1941

At Rest





Chas. Henry Gettel

December 4, 1874

March 9, 1890





Sallie, Wife of

Nelson D. Bossuot

Born June 24, 1864

Died October 12, 1911




Nelson D. Bussuot

Born June 25, 1857

Died April 27, 1911

Jesus called him to heaven's perfect peace.




Willie D.

Son of Nelson & Sallie Bossuot

Feb. 8, 1886

June 1, 1888














Leopold Francis

Son of Reuben F. & Binnie H. Hughes

Born December 30, 1901

Died August 4, 1914



Father Harold E. Bowman

1861 - 1916

Mother Evalina M. Bowman

1873 - 1943



Dorothy M. Hughes

October 11, 1895

June 7, 1966

Surely one of God's angels.



Curtis J. Eaton

July 8, 1891

August 1, 1988

Winifred G. Eaton

May 14, 1895

April 28, 1999




Edward A. Gettel

1884 - 1970




Rowland Hill Gettel


World War I

October 2, 1879

November 16, 1967



Jacob Gettel

March 6, 1847

July 14, 1922

The strife is oer the battle done.  The victory of life is won.





Malinda Shauck

Wife of Jacob Gettel

July 9, 1856

October 12, 1947





Thomas L. Hall

Born 1811

Died November 1, 1892

Aged 81 yrs.





Mary McKim Morthland

Born March 31, 1815

Died Feb 19, 1892

Age 78 years




Frances C. Hoggard

Daughter of

Elizabeth Cornick and

Thurmer Hoggard

May 27, 1855

March 5, 1929

And so valiant for truth passed over



Mary W. Hoggard

Daughter of

Elizabeth Cornick and

Thurmer Hoggard

November 6, 1850

June 17, 1928

Sustained and soothed by an unfaltering faith.




Thurmer H. Hoggard

October 15, 1814

January 12, 1907




Thurmer Hoggard

Born June 11, 1819

Died July 31, 1902





Elizabeth Cornick

Wife of Thurmer Hoggard

Born August 21, 1817

Died Good Friday 1891






William F. Cornick

Born September 7, 1837

Died July 26, 1906





Unknown Hoggard






Henry F. Bell

Husband of Margaret Hoggard

January 12, 1846

November 23, 1915

A Gentleman unafraid.



In Memory of

Darling Mamma

Margaret W. Hoggard

Wife of H. F. Bell

Born February 22, 1848

Died October 3, 1875




James Theodore Howe

Born at Boston Mass.

June 12, 1866

Died December 18, 1930






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