Virginia Beach (formerly Princess Anne County), VA

The cemetery sits on the east side of the highway near 368 Princess Anne Road.  The plot is surrounded by a wrought iron fence when has an unlocked door fastened with a latch that is of the same vintage as the cemetery.  This photographer, not being proficient at such things, could not figure out how to get the latch open and chose to photograph the cemetery with a zoom lens from outside the fence.  Cemetery Photographed February 26, 2005.



Mattie L.

Wife of R. C. Dudley

Daughter of W. H. & M. M. Drewrey

Born March 27, 1892

Died November 6, 1912



Our Mother

Mary Minerva

Wife of

Wm. H. Drewrey

Born August 2, 1856

Died June 26, 1934


In Memory Of

My Husband

Wm. H. Drewrey

Born January 29, 1850

Died September 11, 1897

A light from our home is gone
A voice we loved is stilled
A place is vacant in our hearts
that never can be filled


Our Baby

Mary Elizabeth

Daughter of

J.J. & F.K. Drewrey

June 13, 1897



(Louis?) Drewrey

Son of

W.H. & Mary Drewrey

Born Aug 1886

Died ? ? 188(?)



(Leland?) E. Drewrey

Son of

D.L. & E.M. Drewrey

April 18, 1893

Age 9 Days



(Euso?) May Drewrey

Daughter of

D.L. & F.M. Drewrey

May 20, 1889

Age ? Days



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