Dam Neck Cemetery
Virginia Beach (formerly Princess Anne County), VA
Cemetery Enumeration Courtesy of John Tinkham

The cemetery lies in a section of Virginia Beach that was once known as Robinson's Island.  The area is now Naval Air Station Oceana Annex, Dam Neck.  At the time of John Tinkham's 1968 enumeration many stones were missing.  Mr. Tinkham advises, "I also interviewed a lot of people as I was researching the history of Dam Neck and the people who had lived there.  A note said that members of the Barco and Dyer families are buried there."  Stones present at the time on the enumeration were:

James Robinson, born 17 April 1780; died 16 Nov. 1841, age 61

Elizabeth Robinson, born 26 March 1787; died 14 June 1843, age 56.

Julia A. Whitehurst, born 28 Sept. 1863; died 6 Oct. 1886.

David Dunton, born 4 Jan. 1809; died 8 Aug. 1855.


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