Chaplain Family Cemetery

Virginia Beach, VA
(Old Princess Anne County)

The cemetery sits off Princess Anne Road about 100 yards into the middle of a large field.  There is a farm road, large enough for a car to drive, running from the driveway of the house located at 1660 Princess Anne Road into the field.  The road passes the cemetery and ends in an area of outbuildings that was once the original home place.  The location is the east side of Princess Anne Road south of the Downtown Pungo intersection of Indian River and Princess Anne Road.  This cemetery is near the Bell family cemetery, on the opposite side of the road.  Photographed January 9, 2005

Pictues of the old Chaplain home place and kitchen are courtesy of Stuart Chaplain

Since you were there the Son of Confederate Veterans have put more fence around the graveyard.  Looking for more to finish the job.  I'm not sure what happened to the fence but it is gone.  The new piece doesn't match the old one.  Three people buried there were in the Confederate army.  My grandfather Private Caleb T. Chaplain b, 1843, his brother, 1st Lt. William M. Chaplain, and Capt. Solomon Caffee.  They will soon put new stones at their feet saying they were in the Confederate Army. 

None of the graveyard people lived in the house in front of it.  There was a big old house behind the graveyard right where the first building is located.  I have abstracts of all the deeds to the property there with names like Land, Chaplain, Caffee, Capps and Fentress.  In 1906 Mr. John Fentress bought the land.  His son who is 85 years old owns the land now.  I believe his nephew farms it today.  There was a lady from Hanover Co, VA, near Richmond who came to Sandbridge every year and requesting that Garland Fentress to sell it to her which he finally did.  She had it taken apart and reassembled in Hanover Co about 15-20 years ago.  The building directly behind that first building I spoke of is the kitchen for the old house.  Also there is a log cabin behind that.  None of us are sure what it was used for but some think it was slave quarters.  Not sure though.  Also the out house is there and another building. 

The house was with all the building behind the cemetery.  It was where the (for lack of a word right now) round building is now located.  Immediately behind the round building is the old kitchen.  (Pictured above right courtesy of Stuart Chaplain is the kitchen's chimney)

The Caffees were not related to the Chaplains. Captain Solomon Caffee bought the property soon after the Civil War.

Stuart Chaplain


Lydia F. Dozier

Wife of John A. Fentress

May 9, 1857

May 1, 1929

You are gone, but not forgotten,
Nor will you ever be,
For so long as life and memory
We will always think of thee.




John A. Fentress

Born August 6, 1855

Died January 8, 1934

His toils are past
His work is done
He fought the fight
The victory done




Our Loved One

Roxie P. Hires

Born Aug 2, 1887

Died Jan 29, 1920



Solomon W. Caffee

Son of SW & Lydia Caffee

Born July 12, 1860

Died Aug 15, 1864

Asleep in Jesus



In Memory Of

John W. Caffee

Born Dec 2, 1837

Died Dec 23, 1861





In Memory Of

Capt. Solomon W. Caffee

Born Jan. 1814

Died Sept 10, 1867




Sarah Jane Chaplain

Wife of C. T. Chaplain

Born Dec. 18, 1851

Died Apr 15, 1906





Caleb T. Chaplain

Born Nov 4, 1843

Died Aug 28, 1922




William M. Chaplain

Born Apr 16, 1838

Died Jan 11, 1915






Son of C. T. & Sarah J. Chaplain

Age 4 Yrs






Son of C. T. & Sarah J. Chaplain

Age 7 Yrs






Daughter of C. T. & Sarah J. Chaplain

Age 8 mo's



Sacred to the Memory of

Sarah A. Chaplain

Wife of Caleb T. Chaplain

Was born Nov the 18th 1806

And departed this life with

evidences full of Immortality

the 13th Aug. 1857


Our Father

Caleb T. Chaplain

Born Nov 6 1801

Died July 8, 1859





Dennis C. Capps

Born May 11, 1823

Died Feb 23, 1886



Nancy Frances Capps

Apr 26, 1824

Oct 13, 1898


Hi Carol,
In the listing of the people buried in the Chaplain/Fentress Graveyard where you have "Matching Stone" should read Nancy Frances Capps b. 26 April 1824  d. 13 Oct. 1898.  I picked up all the broken stones and put them back together. Fortunately, I found the bottom part of the stones still in the ground and matched up the three Capps stones. 

This is a wonderful web site. Thanks for all your work.
Stuart Chaplain

03/03/2013 12:13:42 PM