Vann Cemetery

Chesapeake (formerly Norfolk County), VA

The lonely tombstone of a young woman sits in the midst of a hay field.  The size of the vine covered island points toward more burials.  But no markers could be found on the windy early March date of our visit.  She was only 18 years old when she died in November 1942.  Was she a War bride with a husband away at the front?  Why is she alone in the field?  Near her burial site is a copse of trees surrounding a stream.  On the other side of the stream is another small family cemetery.  The layout points toward two neighboring houses with the stream acting as the property line.  The location is in the rural southern section of the independent city of Chesapeake, VA.  Travel Northwest on Land of Promise Road from the Deal's Grocery Store.  Cemetery Photographed March 4, 2007.




Annie R. Humphries

Wife of John A. Vann

October 1, 1924

Nov. 11, 1942

Gone But Not Forgotten



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