Simmons Family Cemetery

Virginia Beach (formerly Princess Anne County) Virginia

The cemetery sits adjacent to a curve and across the road from 3000 West Neck Road.  The location, once strictly a farming area, is seeing a rapid increase in development as Virginia's largest city continues to grow to its rural south.  Directions from the Virginia Beach Municipal Center:  Begin on Princess Anne Road.  Turn southwest onto North Landing Road.  Proceed for 0.5 miles.  Turn left on West Neck Road.  Proceed for 1.3 miles.  Cemetery Photographed April 6, 2007 by Chuck Rippel.






Reuben Fountain

1839 - 1921




Mary E. & Charlie Upton

No Dates


Emerson L. Eaton

1854 - 1931

Mary E. Simmons, wife of Emerson Eaton

1855 - 1919

"The sire is a'en
the bin'tle done:
The victory of life is won."


Ashville Simmons


Nov. 17, 1867

Died Jan. 12, 1898

Weep not brothers and sisters for me

For I am waiting in Glory for thee.



Andrew E. Simmons

Born Sep. 18, 1812

Died Oct. 4, 1880



Martha A. Simmons

Born Sep. 20, 1830

Died Aug. 4, 1879


Virginia Simmons

Born Feb. 21, 1859

Died Oct. 12, 1868


Joseph Simmons

Born Apr. 15, 1856

Died Dec. 23, 188(5?)

George B. Simmons


May 1, 1885


31 Years

Sleep my darling sweetly rest
On your Saviour's loving breast
Though I sigh and grieve for thee
Yet thou art now from suffering free

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