Portsmouth (formerly Norfolk County) Virginia:  The photographer of this cemetery reports:  These tombstones are located immediately next to a road currently under construction which will serve a commercial center west of I-664 & north of Portsmouth Boulevard, linking the new commercial development with Lowes, which is already occupied.  The road parallels Portsmouth Boulevard toward to back/north part of the lots.

The 1880 census shows the family in Virginia, Norfolk Co., Bowers Hill, ED66 HH220.  From the 1870 census for Virginia, Norfolk County, Western Branch twp, V932, the enumerator lists William J. Lassiter 32, farmer, born in North Carolina; also Harriet 30 and 5 Lassiter Children. Also, in a very unusual entry, the occupation of another member of the household named Eugene (?) Jones is "lives with Brother in law."  Thus, Harriet's maiden name appears to be Jones.  In addition, James is listed as "William J" and next door to this family is Matilda Lassiter, 66, and Jane Lassiter 28.  William J(ames) Lassiter and Matilda Lassiter were born in North Carolina; everyone else was born in Virginia. Finally the youngest child in the William J and Harriet Lassiter family is Ida J age 4 months, born in January. In the 1860 census, Virginia, Nansemond County, Lower parish, Visit 40, the enumerator lists William J Lassiter, age 25, farmer, Harriet A, 22,  and two other Lassiter girls, only one of the age to be Harriet's child; also a Black female.  None have occupations except William J.  Matilda and Benjamin Lassiter also live in Nansemond county with several others named Lassiter and of an age to be children of this couple.



Harriett A.

Wife of

James Lassiter

Born April 23, 1838

Died December 18, 1888




Daughter of

Jas. & Harriet Lassitor

Born May 30, 1871

Died July 4, 1873

Annie E.

Daughter of Jas. & Harriet Lassitor

Born June 13, 186?

Died Sept. 10, 186?

Ida O.

Daughter of Jas. & Harriet Lassitor

Born Jan. 5, 1869

Died Aug. 10, 1872



In Memory of

Our Father

James Lassiter

Born March 7, 1831

Died August 28, 1906

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